You Win!

Jerry O’Dovero Good evening, Redwing fans. Last week I attended a business meeting with my brothers and sisters. The hatred for me in the room by some of them was unbelievable. Truth be told, I don’t like me either. I don’t like who I’ve become. Left feeling abandon by my family for 14 years. Not … Continue reading

What Do You Think?

Jerry O’Dovero The other day I received a phone call from my brother-in-law Tom. Tom is married to my twin-sister Jean. Tom isn’t too happy with something I wrote in a previous blog and he wants me to “redact” it. Tom didn’t ask me to remove it, delete it, erase it, edit it, rephase it … Continue reading

I Guess It’s Time to Face the Truth

Jerry O’Dovero I finally looked it up. My dad, brother Pete and twin sister Jean’s Lawyer tried for 15 minutes, plus, to get me to say I was calling my father “the shit” in Italian. I called my father “el Duce or the   Leader” earlier in this blog, their  brilliant Lawyer was trying to get … Continue reading

Do All Dogs Go to Heaven?

Jerry O’Dovero Good afternoon race fans. I’m now in sunny Fond du Lac Wisconsin. Well, it was partly sunny earlier today. I just watched the Indy 500. Watching it brought back memories. I’ll never forget the year (1990), when the sun was shining, the temperature was in the 90s and I was wandering the Indianapolis … Continue reading

Business Plan? Let’s call it that!

Jerry O’Dovero I’ve  been wintering in the beautiful city of Raleigh North Carolina. I don’t want to die, so I decided to stay in a motel. I’m not going to mention the name of this lovely place, but I’m happy to say I have the cock roachproblem under control. As for the bed bugs? That’s … Continue reading

Crossing the Rubicon

Jerry O’Dovero Good evening. It’s been challenging these last few years. I wouldn’t wish homelessness on anyone. Not even on people I don’t admire. I do have good news. I cannot go through life hating people. These last 2 ½ years, plus have been the worst years of my life. I’ve never felt so alone … Continue reading

How did I get here?

Jerry O’Dovero (quadriplegic disabled) It was around noon on September 15, 2018 when the door bell rang at my apartment in San Jose California. I hadn’t been feeling well. When I’m stressed out the bugs in my bladder start acting up. I use a catheter so I have those little bastards living there 24/7. To … Continue reading

Enemy of the State

Jerry O’Dovero (quadriplegic, disabled) The other day I watched the movie, Enemy of the State. It stars; Gene Hackman, Will Smith and Lisa Bonet. It’s one of those very few movies I can, and do, watch over and over again. Two other movies I can watch at the drop of a hat are Casablanca and … Continue reading

Homeless – the New Retirement

Jerry O’Dovero (Quadriplegic, Disabled) It’s been a long time since we’ve I’ve talked to you. A LOT has happened! The most notable is the fact that I’m now homeless. I’ve been living in my van since September 15, 2018. That’s the day the San Jose Police knocked on my apartment door to tell me I … Continue reading