Do All Dogs Go to Heaven?

Jerry O’Dovero

Good afternoon race fans. I’m now in sunny Fond du Lac Wisconsin. Well, it was partly sunny earlier today. I just watched the Indy 500. Watching it brought back memories. I’ll never forget the year (1990), when the sun was shining, the temperature was in the 90s and I was wandering the Indianapolis 500 infield by myself. Well, with 250,000 of my soon to be best friends, I was in the process of meeting. I wasn’t wearing shoes because my buddy Mike fell asleep on the floor of my brown van and my shoes and proper shirt were on the other side of him, in the van. For the last 20 to 30 laps of the race I was doing wheelies on the black and white checkered square winner’s circle that the #30 Domino’s Hot One (Lola?) was soon going to be resting on. In seconds, it went from, no one cared I was there (excepted for maybe a beautiful model or two. I looked up into the stands and one, two or so smiled and waved to me), into a mosh pit. Now everyone was looking at me and saying, “what the hell are you (me in a wheelchair) doing here.” So, when the gate to go out on the race track opened up, security was so glad I went through it, knowing I was in an area I had no proper access too. It was only minutes later I was shaking hands with Tom Monaghan (owner/founder of Domino’s Pizza). I actually shook his hand before he met up with his winning driver, Arie Luyendyk. I want everyone to know, maybe, these last half a dozen years, my life hasn’t been the happiest? But prior to this, I’ve had a lot of fun and memorable experiences. I didn’t need millions to enjoy life. Don’t get me wrong, a million or two wouldn’t have sucked. # tag smiley face? or whatever that stuff is? When my story goes viral, and to court, I’m pretty sure most of the people testifying, both for and against me, will admit that I’ve been a pretty respectable ambassador for the O’Dovero family. Could you imagine what I could have accomplished, not just me, but the family as well, if I had the love, support and respect of the O’Dovero family?

Before I forget, I finally got the vaccine shot. I was joking with my buddy Steve and told him that I now have the government tracking device in my arm. He responded with, “They’ve been tracking you for years. It’s call a cell phone.” I had to laugh, because it’s true.

I was going to start working on business plan part II, but I made a promise to the CEO of NationWide Is Not On Your Side (NWINOYS) that if Nationwide is not on your side doesn’t start paying for my medical expenses that pertain to my spinal cord injury, that I would send a letter to Saturday Night Live and tell them that Nationwide was not on my side. The name of Nationwide’s CEO? Kirt Walker.

Truth be told, Nationwide is the tipping stone that turned my life into a living hell. Yes, I had to pay my mother and father $100,000 each for their (so called pain and suffering) and then my father stole the rest of my $700,000 insurance money. Money that was supposed to build me the house of my dreams and provide me with a comfortable income so I could marry a wonderful woman. With the comfortable income, my beautiful wife and I would feel safe to bring our children into this challenging world. Then like most “normal families,” my wife and children would love me and be there for me when I grow old. But the O’Dovero family doesn’t seem to see the world as I do. The O’Dovero family has turned their backs on me and left me homeless to live in a living hell. They have $140,000,000 empire, $50,000,000 made from my stolen money. The O’Dovero should be ashamed of themselves for leaving me homeless.

But truth be told, it was my insurance company, Nationwide’s decision to turn their backs on me 5 years ago that finally broke the wheels on my apple cart and turned my life into a living hell.

Two years ago, I wrote Mr. Walker a letter. The next thing I know, Nationwide is back to paying for my prescriptions and other medical expenses. Well, some of them. But enough for me to get a footing so I could start talking to the O’Dovero family. I was hoping the family would admit to their sins of the past. Well, you can see how that’s working out?

In the letter to Mr. Walker, I made him a promise. I promised him I’d send a letter to Saturday Night Live if he, and Nationwide continued their evil ways.

Give me a second, I’ll find the promise I made to Mr. Walker.

Oh, I can see I was in an angry mood that day. I think I was only days removed from one of my near-death hospital stays and it doesn’t look like a held much back. The next 4 paragraphs are the promise I made if Nationwide didn’t start paying the bills that they were legally required to and had always paid in the past.

Dear Mr. Walker,

( then a couple of pages of telling my story that I’ve been telling you, then this promise )

Now should you and Nationwide tell me to go to hell or put this on the 40-year stall, I will hire a dream team of Lawyers and sue you and Nationwide for $100,000,000. If you don’t think a jury will give me $100,000,000, imagine your commercial’s playing on a TV staring the multimillionaire Payton Manning and me on the witness stand. Actually, sitting in my wheelchair in front of the witness stand because I’m unable to get out of my wheelchair and actually sit in the witness stand. Picture me telling the 12 jurors that I bought an insurance policy and the previous insurance companies paid the bills, but since Nationwide took over, well you know where this is going?

Well, just in case you don’t. Picture turning on the TV on a Saturday night in the not-too-distant future. Saturday Night Live has an episode or skit where Payton Manning’s character just finishes a Nationwide commercial then meets your character. The two of you light up cigars and pour glasses of Scotch. The phone rings and the screen splits in two. The other screen shows a sweatshop type office where the Nationwide claims adjuster, Jennifer Kurth is on the other end of the phone line. Her character says, “Mr. Walker, sorry to bother you. This is Jennifer Kurth, we have a man in a wheelchair and he’s homeless because Nationwide quit paying on his claim. What should I do?” You turn to Payton Manning, your commercial is playing in the background, you toast him while the two of you say, “Screw him!”

Then a clip from the now passed Saturday Night Live character Chris Farley saying his famous  quote, “Living in a van down by the river.”

Mr. Walker, read my blog ( You’ll see I’m not that person. Please don’t make me become that person or even much worse. But I’m not feeling well and I won’t continue to be the man I am, the person I love being if I continue being homeless! I’m losing faith in everyone and everything! Help me believe there are still good people left. It’s becoming harder and harder every morning I wake up cold in this van!

I guess I was in a pissy mood that day. The new claims adjuster I’m supposed to deal with, Ms. New-Lucas, comes up with excuse after excuse why Nationwide is no long required to pay my medical expenses. The 1st letter to Mr. Walker was 5 or 6 pages long. That was 2 years ago. I recently sent him a 15-page letter telling him I’m not impressed with Nationwide not being on my side. I think I really pissed them off, because they are back to not paying for anything again.

It looks like I’m going to be in court with the O’Dovero family and Nationwide for the next several years.

Should I have to sue the O’Dovero family, I’ll have to sue the entire O’Dovero family. I won’t sue them for stealing my insurance money, I’ll sue for discrimination. I believe it will be the first of its kind. A member of a family with a physical disability that is suing the entire family for discrimination. It will be a land mark case. The type of case that sets a precedence for all future discrimination cases across the United States and possible some or most of the world. It’s not a good time to be discriminating anywhere in the world right now. The O’Dovero family name will become well known worldwide.

As for NationWide Is Not On Your Side (nwinoys), I opened an email address to find out if there are others out there that Nationwide has turned their backs on as well. Nationwide is on TV every day telling you, me and everyone in the world that they are on your side.

I’m homeless because of them turning their back on me. They are not on my side.

Are they on your side?

If not, and you might be interested in filing a class action Lawsuit against Nationwide with me? Send me your contact information to this new email address I created for the sole purpose of a possible class action Lawsuit.

NationWide Is Not On Your Side (nwinoys) Has a nice ring to it? It kind of gets stuck in your head. Nationwide is not on your side!

To be honest with you, I don’t want to sue anyone.

But I don’t want to live the rest of my life homeless until I die either.

I’ll start the ball rolling against “Nationwide is not on your side” with this email address. I’m hoping, if the class action Lawsuit is required, that someone a lot smarter and more motivated takes over.

Oh, if you want to send a joke or a skit to Saturday Night Live, here is a web site I found.

Free Skit Ideas for Two or Three People (

which tells you to,

Mail the contents to: Writers (or a specific cast member) c/o

Saturday Night Live

30 Rockefeller Plaza

New York, NY 10112

Have you ever watched that show on TV called, “Seconds from Disaster?” It tells how it usually takes a series of things going wrong to causes the plane to fall from the sky, train to jump the tracks or the wheels to come off the soap box derby car and kill hundreds. You might say it wasn’t just the ever so loving and caring O’Dovero family stealing my money, or the warm-hearted Nationwide Insurance company’s failure to honor the terms of the insurance policy I bought when I was 16 years old that lead to this living hell, but a series of events going wrong. My downward spiral started 10 years ago, or so when I was robbed. I had a very valuable gold and silver coin collection stolen from me.

Why did I invest the little money I had in rare gold and silver coins?

Let’s go back to my college days when I was studying finance. I was told about a time before time. Actually, a time around the time of my accident. Do you know who the current Chair of the Federal Reserve is? or Fed as it’s also known by? If you are running $140,000,000 empire you should know! How many of my brothers, step sister, twin sister or their families could name the current Fed Chair? How about the woman that ran the Fed before him? Or the Fed Chair that George W Bush nominated? I’m pretty sure anyone running a multi-million-dollar trust for 30 years must remember the (Rockstar) Chair of the Federal Reserve from 1987 through 2006? The Chairman of the Federal Reserve I’d like to talk about isn’t any of them. I want to talk about the man who changed the financial world as we know it. His name is Paul Volker. The Chairman of the Federal Reserve before all of them. Now, before I go any further, I want to state that I’m going from memory, so my facts or memory might be a little off. But I’m pretty sure I’m close enough for government work.

Do you remember the 1970s? The 70s had the tail end of the Vietnam war, gas shortages and high inflation. The 1970s had a lot more going for it, like Alice Cooper (who I’m told by the “self-proclaimed” mouth of the South) doesn’t remember the 70s), Watergate and Woman’s rights. You’ve come a long way baby. I think that was the slogan for woman’s rights. It’s probably sexist now a days. So, let’s not go there. Let’s talk about guns and butter and the Vietnam war. I don’t know if colleges still use graphs about guns and butter anymore, but when I was in college, it was all the rage. Back in the 70s, the theory was there were only so much, or maybe so little resources available in the world. So, the theory was, either the private side of things (butter) used the word’s resources, or the government did (guns). The theory was, if the government used too much of the resources it would starve the private sector, the economy would go bust or into a recession. It was believed the government was inefficient when it came to getting the best use of the world’s resources. If the private sector used too much of the world’s resources, the economy would expand too much and too fast for it to handle and we’d get an economic boom/bubble and inflation.

Now a-days I don’t think they worry about guns and butter anymore. Why? Paul Volker changed the way the Fed controls the economy and how it keeps inflation in check. Now-a-days the Chair of the Fed raises or lowers the interest rates. Prior to Paul Volker, the Fed used the supply of money to control the economy and left interest rates fixed. The Fed basically told the banks how much money they could loan out to people and businesses. That was inefficient because the banks would often loan money to their crooked friends rather than who had the best business ideas. Add in guns and butter to the equation and the economy just wasn’t that stable or as productive as it could have been. But the 1970s changed all that. With the US government spending money like a drunken sailor on the Vietnam war, computers making business more efficient, worldwide trade bringing the rest of the world’s economies into the black after WWII, anyone and everyone that wanted a job had one, and the Middle East oil fiasco, much of the world was running on all 8 cylinders. With full employment and high oil prices, the US economy started to suffer something it never seen before, high inflation. The Fed tried contracting the money supply the old fashion way, but it was like pissing on a forest fire. They called it “Stagflation.”

Paul Volker, the brilliant man he was changed the world. He decided not to control the money supply with bank policies (Remember back when banks would give away toasters and shotguns to get people to deposit money into their banks, because they couldn’t offer a higher interest rate?). Instead, he started to control the money supply and the economy with interest rates. Banks were now free to charge and pay whatever interest rates they wanted. AND the Federal Reserve did something that no Federal Reserve has ever done in the past or would ever do on purpose again, the Federal Reserve sent the US economy (and possibly other economies in countries across the globe) into a recession. There used to be the saying, “When the US gets the sniffles, the rest of the world gets a cold.” Anyway, It worked! Interest rates went up to 15% in 1980. Banks quit making loans to their crooked friends (as often). The piss poor business ideas (many) dried up and were replaced with good ideas, like computers, cell phones, the internet, K-cup coffee makers and __________, _________, ________. You can fill in the blanks. The world became a better place (financially) and possibly the way we function on a daily basis. Inflation dropped because money, capital and resources were no longer being wasted and the 1980 recession (possibly the worst recession in decades gave way to the new world we now live in and love. Paul Volker’s (and other’s) tough decisions created an economic boom that started in the early 80s and continued uninterrupted right through the turn on the century (2000), and some can make a case that it never really stopped. Some might say we had hiccups along the way. Personally, I wouldn’t call them hiccups. It’s greedy, cheating, lowlife rich bastards that only care about money and should go to prison that cause some very serious financial problems, but instead got bailed out by the store boughten politicians that for some reason we keep reelecting into office. I was a registered voter in California, but since I became homeless, I haven’t voted. So, I’m going to stop here on my opinion of government policies. I’m happy to say, I’m now a registered voter in Michigan. But until I vote again, I don’t feel I have the right to complain and neither should you if you don’t vote. In a year and a half, I’ll tell you how I feel about things. And just a warning. Make sure you’re wearing your seat belt when I start on our loving, caring politicians. I better delete this when I proof read this before I post. I don’t want a bullseye on my back.

I don’t know how much you pay attention to the economy lately, but if you do, the Federal Reserve is “still” the major player. So, if you don’t know the chair’s name, shame on you. When I hear him/them say anything, I listen. When I say Fed, I mean central banks all round the world.

Do you know what just about every country in the world’s central banks were doing during the 1990s? They were selling their gold reserves and buying US government treasuries. The US government realized that it could keep spending money (buy guns) like a drunken sailor and it wouldn’t crowd out the private sector (butter) from expanding the economy. To spend money, the government needs to raise money. They do it with income taxes, tariffs and bake sales. And when that’s not enough, they sell US Treasuries. During the 1990s, central banks throughout the word realized that they could buy those US Treasuries and receive the interest payments from them. Do you know how much interest you receive from a wheelbarrow full of gold, or a dump truck full of gold? Zero, nothing, nada. Remember the Bruce Willis Diehard movie were the bad guys blasted a hole on Wallstreet, drove dump-tucks down into it, loaded them up with gold, and then tried to make a get-away with it? Actually, it’s not that farfetched. Just about every country and a few very rich people have rooms full of gold under Wall Street.

In the late 1990s, I decided I needed to invest what little money I had into assets that would keep me from going homeless when I was older. I didn’t want to have to depend on my family. Look how that turned out for me? So, I bought gold and silver coins in the late 90s when gold was under $400 an ounce and silver was in the $4 range. The central banks all over the world were flooding the market with gold by selling their gold reserves and buying US treasuries. It depressed the price of gold for years. Anyone with a little common sense had to know that when the central banks ran out of gold to sell, the price was going to go up. And it did. It was a great plan for me until I was robbed 10 years or so.

So, my family stealing my money wasn’t enough to send me into a living hell. The 2nd leg of my spiral into hell was my gold and silver being robbed. Then my blood went anemic, so my health started to become an issue. #3 on the list of things not going my way anymore. With health issues, I stopped working. #4 on my shit list of not having fun anymore. Then Nationwide is not on your side pushed me over the edge. #5!

This is why I’m asking the entire O’Dovero family and Nationwide to make up for their past sins. I’m just asking them to do the right thing. Nothing more! Nothing less! But! As you know! The rich rarely do the right thing. It’s never going to happen. So, when I get to Marquette in a few weeks, I’m going to tell my story to the Mining Journal. And maybe the TV 6 news.

I’m not a looser or a failure! I’m not homeless because I gave up! I’m not asking and I’ll put a bullet in my head before I ask anyone to feel sorry for me because I’m paralyzed and need a wheelchair to get around.(Delete when proof read) I’m very proud of the life I made for myself. But sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Sometimes we need help from the good people in this world.

I just want the pound of sugar that the O’Dovero family and the Nationwide Insurance Company owes me.

Will you please help me? If you think the family is wrong for stealing my money, investing it for themselves, keeping it and leaving me homeless. Please, send a letter to the editor of the Mining Journal and let them know. Or better yet, tell the O’Dovero family yourself.

The same goes for Nationwide. They’re on Facebook and other social media. Tell them you’re not drinking the Nationwide is on your side! Kool-aide! And reference my case.

Case #3373185

Oh, remember the terrible 1980 worldwide recession the Federal Reserve created around the time of my accident? Do you know what else was going on in Marquette county around that time? The big expansions at the mines and powerhouse were coming to an end. I don’t know how many family-owned construction companies the area lost in the 80s, but I’m sure it was several. Did my stolen insurance money keep my father’s construction company from going bankrupt? Adding a complete ready-mix company with trucks and a 25,000 sqft building on 7 acres of land to the construction company, plus other assets, at no, nada, zero cost for the family when the rest of the world was falling apart, didn’t suck! And the family’s way of saying thank you is to leave me homeless? Shame on them!

When the reporters from the Mining Journal read my story, they’ll do their job and verify it. My memory may not be perfect, but I stand by everything I say is true to the best of my knowledge. I’m sure they’re not going to be like stepsister Connie and look for one word, period or comma out of place and say my entire blog is all lies because one word, period or comma is out of place.

One last thing and I’m going to say it out loud, if my brothers, twin sister, step sister AND THEIR FAMILIES, if they think it’s OK to continue on their path of turning backs on me by keeping quiet and not fighting for me to make up for the sins of the past, that it will all go away when Peter and Lois die? They’re fucking stupid. I know I’ve been disowned by my mother and father. I know I’m not in their wills. Why do you think I’m “now” writing about theirs and your betrayal?


It’s not to make you look bad! Every one of you are doing that to yourselves “every single day you leave me homeless!” And, if I had a Lawyer, he/she would be yelling at me to “shut the fuck up!” I’m telling your Lawyers my case, so they have time to prepare.

But you know who else I’m telling my story “the truth” too?

The judge!

The judge is going to read this blog, BECAUSE some or all of you are going to “Force him/her to!”

Why? How? Every one of you are going to try say you didn’t disown me because of discrimination, but because you don’t like what I’m writing in this blog.

My blog? What blog? Your honor, exhibit 1 – my blog –




I took a break. I’m back and going to post this tonight. This motel says I have to leave. They say the wheels on my wheelchair gets the floor too dirty. I guess it’s back to living in the van again.

It was nice sleeping in a bed without bedbugs. It’s hot out. It’s not going to be fun.

I’m still homeless!