What Do You Think?

Jerry O’Dovero

The other day I received a phone call from my brother-in-law Tom. Tom is married to my twin-sister Jean. Tom isn’t too happy with something I wrote in a previous blog and he wants me to “redact” it. Tom didn’t ask me to remove it, delete it, erase it, edit it, rephase it or modify it. Tom asked me to redact it? It sounded like something a Lawyer would tell to him to say to me. So I asked Tom if he read my entire blog or just the parts he didn’t like? Tom assured me he read my entire blog. ?? I don’t have a clue how many posts I’ve made over the past ?? years. You know, I didn’t think of asking Tom if he liked any of my stories I wrote, OR, did he hate every story I ever wrote? Remind me to add that to the list of questions I’ll have my Lawyer ask him and every member of the O’Dovero family 18 years of age and older when we are in court. I don’t want to sue, but like I told Tom, I don’t want to continue to be homeless for the rest of my life either. I’m hiring a Lawyer.

This question isn’t just for Tom. It’s for every member of the O’Dovero family. 1st, what did I do to each and every one of you, personally, to make you all hate me so much? A family with a $140,000,000 empire. A 1/3rd of it made from my investment into the family empire. Then, what did the O’Dovero family think was going to happen when I started writing this blog all those years ago? After what the family has done to me, what did you think I’d write about? My vast knowledge of migratory of birds in South East Asia? Rate which of the 14 Dalai Lamas was the best one? Or maybe the special relationship twins have, and is it different when you are fraternal twins verses identical twins?

For those of you that have been reading this blog from the beginning, I hope you believe me when I say that the last thing I wanted was to tell God and the world, in detail, my financial relationship with the O’Dovero family. I think you’ll have to agree, if you polled 100 reasonable people that have read this blog from the beginning. The odds of me keeping this dirty shameful chapter of O’Dovero history a secret had to drop from 99% towards zero every day the family leave me homeless? I start year number 4 of being homeless on September 15. I think a reasonable judge and jury would agree, as well?

Just in case the family has been living on a deserted island with no means of communication from the rest of the world, I better recap my financial life. I don’t want it to be a shock to ANY MEMBER OF THE O’DOVERO FAMILY! When I was just 16 years ago,  which was more than 40 years ago, I bought a $1,000,000 insurance policy on my new 1979 Ford pickup truck. Just after my 17th birthday, I was in a serious accident that left me permanently paralyzed from the chest down. Are you following me so far? After 6 months in 3 different hospitals, I come home to a check for $700,000 from my insurance company because I bought a $1,000,000 insurance policy. Then my mother and father’s Lawyer wrote up the paperwork forcing me to pay my mother and father each, $100,000 for their pain and suffering. Then, within a year, with the power of attorney from the Lawyer my father hired, my father embezzled the rest of my $700,000 of insurance money, or he invested it in his construction company and real estate giving me a 1/3rd ownership of the O’Dovero empire. I believe he made the investment with my insurance money so he could save his construction company from the challenges of a new world without the big expansions at the iron ore mines and so he could better provide jobs and careers for his other children and their spouses. (both my current brother-in-law’s worked for Peter’s construction company). While that was going on? My mother left me under the care of a cleaning lady that had 15 minutes of training in the field of health care by my mother. Then, she moved to Florida. Me? I was given a room in the basement of their house in Marquette and an allowance to live on ($14,000 a year). Fast forward a few decades, no one in the O’Dovero family has ever acknowledged my investment into the family empire nor have they ever built me a house to live in. To add insult to injury, every time I try talking about the money, the entire O’Dovero family bands together  and stops talking to me. (The last time for 14 years) I now have been in the Marquette area for a couple of months and my mother hasn’t called me or invited me over. My father hasn’t called or invited me over. None of my brothers nor sisters have called me or invited me over. None of my nieces or nephews have called me and invited me over. Only one of my brothers or sister’s spouses has called me. That was my brother Jim’s wife Laurie. She is the only member of the entire 40+ members of the O’Dovero family that talks to me on any type of regular basis.

So, I ask again, what did the O’Dovero family think was going to happen when I started writing this blog many, many, years ago? What did the O’Dovero family think was going to happen? What did the O’Dovero family think was going to happen after I spent two years, plus, asking the O’Dovero family for a job? A job, so I could buy a motorhome and respectfully work my way out of my financial difficulties, and they repeatedly said, “NO!” “NO!” “NO!”? What did they think?

Tom, after you read my entire blog, especially the last entry that talks about how being homeless has made me an extremely angry man, you called me up to TELL me to “redact” something I said about you? And what? What did you think I was going to say? OMG! I’m so sorry! I said something to hurt your feelings? Of course I’ll “redact” it! Peter O’Dovero didn’t give you anything? He has never did anything for you or anyone in the family. Wait! He gave your wife, my twin sister, a running, established, profitable beauty salon business, with a checking account that had $35,000 in it. A business that my mother started with the $100,000 of blood money I had to pay her for the pain and suffering I caused her. But he didn’t give you anything! What was I thinking?

I need to stop. The anger is coming out again. I’m happy Jean received the beauty salon business. To this day, it’s the only place I’ve had my hair cut when I lived in or was visiting the Marquette area. Peter and Lois O’Dovero should have set us all up in business of our own.

OK, it’s a new day, but no new dollars. It’s not easy anymore to keep the anger buried deep inside anymore.

OK. If the tables were turned and you were me? Wouldn’t you have a little anger inside you?

The characters in this story are real, but the story is fictitious.

Say, 40 or so years ago, you are working for Peter O’Dovero and you are seriously and permanently injured on the job. Peter O’Dovero turns his back on you. He hides behind shady Lawyers. You get shafted! Not just shafted, but royally screwed. To add insult to injury, Peter claims you filed a multimillion-dollar Lawsuit against the entire O’Dovero family. It doesn’t matter what you say, you are labeled as evil. Especially by ?? an unnamed person in the family. You are angry, so you tell the O’Dovero family you don’t want to be around them until they show you respect and listen to what you have to say. You pack up your Ford pickup truck and your wife, who is an O’Dovero, and move far-far away.

You work hard and make a life you are proud of. Everything is going nicely. The years are passing like the yellow dotted lines on the road you call life. Then your wife decides she wants to go home to her family. You contact the O’Dovero family, but the reception is cold.  You find out that your wife has been disowned by the family. They won’t even hire her or you to work in the family business at jobs you both are very good at. The Evil members of the family are still black balling you. Any talk with the family is cold and distant. They won’t hire you, so making a decent living there is going to be challenging. You ask for their help, understanding and forgiveness and all you hear is, “You told us decades ago you didn’t want to be around us and you moved far away!” You try asking members of the family if they would “help you” talk to those in charge and they all tell you the same thing, “It’s not their place” “They’re not getting involved” “Their not picking sides” “The family’s broken” “All the money is tied up in the courts, because the family is suing each other.”

Ok, that didn’t happen to you? Although I didn’t get injured on the job, it happened to me.

I’m not feeling well. I’m going to take a nap. I need to stop for a while.

OK Let’s try again? Tom called me the other day and asked me to redact the comment I made about Peter building him and twin sister Jean a house. Tom wanted me to know that he was paying for every part of that new house. Peter O’Dovero was paying for nothing! Tom told me that if I needed proof, he could provide it!

The first thing I want to say is “thank you Tom.” I started thinking, not so much about what I was writing, but about how I was feeling when I wrote it. I’m so angry all the time. I have no doubt my writing shows it. I don’t want to write like an angry bitter man. I just want my share of the family empire that my investment made all those years ago? Money, so I can build a house(s) of my dreams, get a motorhome and “properly” and “finally” get on with my life.

Tom told me he don’t like what I’m writing. When I responded, “I don’t like being homeless!” he paused for a second like it was the first time he actually heard or realized that I was homeless. But like all good seconds, they pass too quickly. I now understand why there isn’t a single member of the O’Dovero family that actually thinks I’m homeless. I’m not homeless. I’m just living in a van. Homeless people live in cardboard boxes on skid row. No one is really homeless if they are living in their cars! Especially, if they have “some” income or money from somewhere! We choose to live in their cars, so we can’t call ourselves homeless..

Two years ago, I attended a family reunion on my mother’s side. It was held at the house my mother grew up in. My cousin Jeff bought the place. My mother was there as well. When my aunts, uncle (the one that passed away from the coronavirus) and cousins asked me where I was living, I pointed to my van. They looked at my mother. She said nothing. They asked me my plans? I told them I’m trying to get a job with my dad, but it wasn’t going well. Again, they look at my mom. Again, she nothing. It was  probably the last time she was going to see most of them. It didn’t feel right to bring shame on her at the house she grew up in, and what might be the last time she visited it and her family. As for my mother, she never flinch! She showed zero emotions. Well, that might not be true. Maybe she showed her unbreakable defiance that she’s God like and I’m just a disabled boy? When the final story is written, the author can interview the relatives.  

Should I have made a scene at what have been my mother’s last visit to the house she grew up at and in front of her remaining living sisters?

I’m not homeless? I’m just living in a van. I’m not Jobless? There are a lot of jobs out there. I’m just not trying hard enough to find one?

I was talking to my brother Jay one day. It was a week or so after a lady started a ”Go fundme?” something on Facebook. I never heard of them and I’d never want one for me! The damage it caused me in the family alone is unbelievable. When I called my brother Jay to tell my mother I had nothing to do with it, I could hear my mother screaming so loud in the background, I swear it sounded like she was 3 inches from my face screaming at me. “Tell him he better get that bleep bleep bleep… I’m not going tell it word for word.

I told my brother Jay I didn’t have anything to do with the Go fundme thing because it would be the same as asking my mother, father and family to disown me. It didn’t take long and I was contacted by the family to get that Go fundme thing off the internet. NOW! If the family didn’t have enough reasons in their minds to disown me, that Go fundme thing gave them another one.

I’ve been disowned.

That wasn’t the only damage that Go fundme thing did. Now adays, employers now look at social media when they are hiring.

Guess how much I received from the Go fundme thing?

It was just North of $3,100.

Funny thing! Or, maybe it’s a sad thing? It was more than I received from all my brothers, sisters and their families in the three years I’ve been homeless, combined!

Word of advice for those that want to create a go fundme thing for someone. You should ash that person if they want one? Just a thought!

Yes, It’s going on three years that I’ve been homeless. Most of it in the back of a van. Since living in a van was “literally” going to kill me,  I’m sometimes stay in motels. Living in a van is being homeless. Living in motels is being homeless. I’m still homeless.

I don’t feel I should have to live in a basement apartment of an unfurnished, rundown, rental house my mother owns either. I lived in her basement and on an allowance for more than a decade after the accident. I even cooked the evening supper for the O’Dovero family while living in my mother’s basement.

No one in the O’Dovero family has ever asked me what I want. But then again, you don’t ask a 4-year-old child what they want. You tell them what they want.

I’m still in collections from the last apartment complex I was living at. I cannot rent an apartment. Plus, why should I? My money bought a 1/3rd ownership into the family empire. I should be able to withdraw money from it to build the house of my dreams?

Another thing about my talk with Tom? He told me, “You told me you didn’t want my help!”

WOW! I’ve heard that exact phrase, world for word, from many of the O’Dovero family. When I ask for their help to make up for “The Sins of the Past?” They tell me I told them decades ago that I didn’t want their help.

Then I said to Tom, (like I’ve said to every brother and sister) “Will you help me?” He said, “It’s not my place.” If I only had a dime for every time I’ve heard someone tell me that. (both inside the family and out)

“You told me you didn’t want our help” and “It’s not my place.”

I’m “homeless” and asking for help! I’m told, “You told us years ago, I think it was during the Jurassic Period, that you don’t want our help” and besides, “It’s not my place!”

I can’t wait for the TV series. When they show that scene. Actually, scenes. Family member after family member saying the exactly the same thing, the same way, over and over again? Like they rehearsed it over and over again at the family meetings they had about me.

I can see it in courtroom. When my Lawyer asks a member of the family “Why didn’t you help Jerry?” I can already picture the judge, the jury, the court personnel and the reporters there all saying the answers under their breaths, “He told us he didn’t want our help” and “It’s not my place.”

I don’t remember the exact date, and brother Pete burnt all my paperwork, so I’m not exactly sure, but I believe it was around January of 1995, possibly during 1994. I came home with my buddy Greg, who was a roommate of mine at the time. There were five brothers, a twin sister and a step sister all sitting round the dinning-room table of Ridge street. The family house since 1969. I had been living there for the past few years paying all the bills. All the bills as in, water $80-$120/month, electric $150-$200/month, gas $150-$200/month in the summer and $500/month in the winter, cable $120/month, trash (no idea), property taxes I think were between $5,000 and $8,000 a year, phone/fire/security alarm bill $75-$100/month.

Greg took one look at the family looking all serious and went straight upstairs to his room. I had no idea they were coming over to “my house.” Technically, I didn’t own the house, but I was paying all the bills so I feel it was enough for me to call it my home. What do you think the response from them would have been if I broke into their house? I was sitting at their dining room table and then proceeded to tell them their lives had very little value? Do you think it would be something like? Thank you? We love you? Hugs and kisses? Thanks for pointing it out? You have always been the brother we respect and listen too? So it must be true? Can you stay for dinner? We are having pot roast!

The day after I quit working for Peter E. O’Dovero, I decided I better get something in writing regarding the $700,000 sins of the past. As you can probably guess, I kind of knew I wasn’t going to be treated with love and respect by Peter.  Just some quick numbers;

The return on some of the investments made by Peter with my money in 1994/95.

25,000 sqft building on 7 acres of land at $4 per sqft and a 10% return x 15 years =  $4,000,000.

17,000 sqft building on 3 acres of land at $9 per sqft and a 10% return x 2   years =     $315,000.

Rent on the Ready-Mix Business $100,000 per year and  a 10% return x 15 years  =  $3,600,000.

$100,000 used to buy the Woodview Apartment complex @10% interest x 15 years = $400,000.

            Approximate value 1995                                                                                    $8,315,000.

That’s not all the investments Peter made with my money. It’s just the investments we were told about. Plus, remember the recession I told you about? My $700,000 couldn’t have come at a better time for a shrewd businessman like Peter E. O’Dovero to turn $$$ into wheel barrows full of gold.

Oh, and there was also the beauty salon!

I hope you understand why I responded like I did at the end of the ambush meeting that my brothers and sisters surprised me with back in 1994/95?

I didn’t allow myself to believe early on that my parent’s moral compasses were broken. In my belief system, it be akin to telling God to send them to hell. So I always believed they’d make it up to me someday. They didn’t steel my money. They “invested it “ in the family empire. When I’m ready, when I can prove I’m ready, they’ll give me back my money and at least some of the profits. I never believed they would never give me back my money with none of the profits. Or leave me homeless! Even if, even if for some reason, like they died before they could give it back, they’d leave it for me in their will. Or, I always believed my brothers and sisters and their families would be there for me!

I knew that if I started at $10,000,000, or whatever my $700,000 investment into the family empire was then worth in 1994/95, I’d get laughed out of Peter’s office. But if I started out small, and only asked my father for a house to live in (322 East Ridge St. Appraised value $425,000, purchased price by Peter and Lois in 1969 for $29,000), plus $15,000 for 13 years, I’d have a chance “to crack the solid 4-inch-thich wooden door with steel straps and bracing. Metal hinges with 1 inch steel pins. Secured with bolts the size the ironworkers used to build the Mackinac Bridge. A door that could easily stop a raging bull elephant.

So I asked my father for just enough to keep a dream I had from coming to an end. Also because I believed my brothers, sisters and their families will make up the rest someday.

Peter E. O’Dovero told me to my face that I was not only trying to rip him off, but my brothers and sisters as well. That was in 1994.

I’ll write about the years, 1994 and 1995 someday soon. Much of it, I spent traveling the country, sleeping in my van, driving without a driver’s license. Believe it or not, I drove to the East coast (twice), down to Florida, to Texas (twice), all the way to Seattle WA, down to Los Angles California and many many of the states in between. I have pictures too. I’m so ready to write happy stories again.

In January of 1995 or a little earlier, my brothers and sisters came to my house, “unannounced” and told me I was asking for too much when I asked the family that stole my insurance money and made millions upon millions with it for a house to live in that cost the family $29,000 and $15,000 for 13 years.

Again, the reason I was asking for so little was I thought it would be a no brainer for them. I thought they’d appreciate the fact I was asking for so little. It wasn’t even pennies on the dollar. It was pennies on the $1000 bill. I thought I’d get 100% support from them. I thought later on they’d even make up the rest, or at least some of it.

My dream back then.

I needed at least $15,000 a year to pay the bills on the Ridge street house.

Then I figured I could borrow against the house and go to Law school. A Law degree takes three years, if you have an undergraduate degree, which I had.

With a Law and finance/accounting degrees, I could have my own little Law Practice where I could specialized in real estate and estate law. Prepare deeds, contracts, wills, trusts, etc. I could also add a small accounting company to go with it. Three years to get the Law degree, that would give me ten years of just enough money to pay the bills on the house so I could build my little Law and accounting business. To keep the costs down, I’d run the business right there at the house. For the first few years anyway. That’s why “ALL” I was asking for was a house to live in and $15,000 for thirteen years.

That was my dream in 1994/95.

What was I thinking? Thinking I could have such a grandiose dream like that?

That dream was CRUSHED when five brothers and two sisters came to me one night, to my house, unannounced and told me I shouldn’t have dreams. Instead, they told me that it was OK that Peter stole my money. Because he invested it in the family empire. The family is going to keep the money, all the investments they made with the money and all the profits those investments made the family. It didn’t matter what I want. My dreams don’t matter. It doesn’t matter what I said. How did they say it? All we feel we (the entire O’Dovero family) owes you from the $700,000 that we took from you and invested into the O’Dovero family empire 15 years earlier is a house and $50,000, period! You don’t like it and it angers you? Sucks to be you.

THEY told me what THEY were going to give me. That was it! That was final! I was going to accept it! Or, I get nothing! Sucks to be me! And if I complain, I’m feeling sorry for myself because I’m a disabled boy. Not a man with wants, needs and dreams like them, but a disabled boy feeling sorry for myself.

You don’t ask your 4-year-old child what they want, you tell them!

THEY (brother Jim) told me what THEY (the O’Dovero family) were going to give me (the Ridge street house that my parents paid $29,000 for and a one-time payment of $50,000). That was it! That was final! I was going to accept it! Or, (When I didn’t like the offer and told them I didn’t like it and if that was the type of help I was  going to get from them? I’d talk to Peter on my own.

So, for the past couple of decades, the entire O’Dovero family stands unified against me from getting any money from them to make up for the sins of the past.

It’s not my place to help you!

You didn’t want our help!

For the past 40+ years, my mother, father, brothers, sisters and their families don’t believe they  owed me anything.

Even the after the way the treated me financially, I didn’t turn my back on them. I didn’t disown them. I didn’t make any of them “Enemies of the State.”

Jim’s offer (a house I couldn’t afford with only a one-time payment of $50,000) had failure written all over it. Is that what my family wanted for me? Failure? Is that what Jim wanted? Me to fail? He’s the one that offered it? Jim? If not! Then why aren’t you willing to admit it was wrong to make such an irresponsible offer and do the right thing now? Tell the family to give me money to build the house of my dreams, and buy a motorhome?

Jim, in 1994/95, you and I were the only two members of the O’Dovero family with ANY financial knowledge and experience. So, when YOU told the others at that ambush meeting, especially step sister Connie and brother Pete, that all the most the family owed me was a house and $50,000, you sealed my fate.

I didn’t have a job at the time. I could have burnt through that $50,000 just trying to maintain the Ridge street house before I even found a job and Law school would have been out of the picture. I don’t know if you remember, but I used my own money to fixed the chimneys on that house. All five of them. Do you know what that cost me? What it cost me a year for just the operating costs? Money for a wife and family at that time wouldn’t have been a blimp on the radar!

Knowing everything that was going on at that time, if you were me (paralyzed and use a wheelchair), would you have taken that offer? Would you have felt that it was a fair offer? If 15 years earlier, you seen a check with your name on it for $700,000? A check that was meant to buy you the house of your dreams, pay for college and Law school and provide you with a decent income so you could support yourself, a wife and family? Would you be jumping up and down with joy over the offer Jim made to me? When my dad didn’t buy Jim out of his 15% of the construction company he received for free after he quit, he sued him for it.

Now I ask you this? If for the first time in your life, you felt your brothers and sisters were either, too young and inexperienced to be sitting at your dining room table “uninvited” making foolish offers or knew what they were doing and were trying to set you up for failure, would you get angry? If you finally realized that there wasn’t a single member of the O’Dovero that believed in you, and you showed anger for the first time, should you be punished for the rest of your life for it? Should the family be allowed to hide behind an out-burst you made decades ago and disown you because of it?

When brother Jim made me the offer of the house and onetime payment of $50,000, he was telling everyone in the O’Dovero family, especially his mother and father, brother Pete and stepsister Connie that that’s all the O’Dovero family owed me! AND doing so, he created  a united front for an entire O’Dovero family to be against me.

One more important point, then I’m going to “try” stop this rant!

I’ve been hearing it for decades and now generations that, “It’s not my place” for them to help me. Actually some of my nieces and nephews want to put me into a nursing home. They don’t even tell me it’s not their place. Some of them have come right out and told me, to my face, that they think I should be in a nursing home. What did I do to them that they could think so little and want so little for me that they’d want to put me into a nursing home? Or, is it really all about the inheritance? You cannot leave money in a will to someone in a nursing home, because the nursing home will get the money.

Putting me in a nursing home is the same as disinheriting me!

Sorry, it just hurts when they think so little of me and want so little for me. I’m fucking proud of my life!!!! Even though the entire O’Dovero family gave up on me, I never gave up!!!

It’s not my place!


Time to stop!

I’m back. It’s been a few days, but I’m not sure it’s been long enough.

Just as I was leaving Marquette in 2004, step sister Connie gathered all the adult women of the O’Dovero family for one of their infamous family meeting about me, which I’m never been invited to. Remind me to add that to the list of questions for my Lawyer to ask the family when they’re on the witness stand.

How many meeting about me, without me, were there?

While, I was told, only step sister Connie and twin sister Jean were actual descendants of Peter and/or Lois O’Dovero at that meeting, it was obvious that the other women (wives and girlfriends of my brothers)  were meant to stand in as proxies for my brothers. I say this because one brother, and only one brother called me up and told me about his girlfriend being at the “sucks to be Jerry” meeting orchestrated by step sister Connie.

Step sister Connie used that meeting to spread a lie so outlandish, a reasonable person would have never believed it. After hearing it, a reasonable person would have talked to me about it for a whole host of reasons. If a reasonable person believe, any part of it, to be remotely true, they would have feared for the lives of two people.

What a $@^@#^&&#@#$^* lie!

The two people, whom were in grave danger if the lie were actually true? My father, Peter E. O’Dovero and ME!

Step sister Connie told the women of the O’Dovero family that I was a disabled and I lost all my money in the stock market, so I was depressed and intended on murdering Peter E. O’Dovero and then committing suicide. (Remember, I didn’t have a gun? And I just bought 110 acres of land for $95,000 in cash)

Then, with the support of the family, my step sister Connie decided that “It was their place” to tell Peter not to pay me any money, give me any money or make up for the sins of the past.

Believe it or not, after hearing the whooper of all lies, Peter still wanted to meet with me? But step sister Connie told Peter that she had the support of the entire family and the family felt that he didn’t owe me any money and that he shouldn’t talk to me.

How do I know this when I’ve never been invited to any of the family meeting about me? Step sister Connie bragged about it in her 4-page 2004 letter.

My point being, I’ve been hearing from my family that “It isn’t their place to help me.”

But it is their place to form a united front against me and tell Peter O’Dovero that he never took my insurance money, that he doesn’t owe me any money, that he should never talk to me again and that he should disown me?

Now for the past five years, the entire family has been paying Lawyers millions and fighting in court for ownership of the trust and other parts of the family empire!

While they disown me and leave me homeless to die?

I know I’ve been disowned by my mother and father. I recently asked my brothers and sister for my 21 shares of Midway Rental Stock I gave them for free. I’ve heard nothing back. I feel it’s just a matter of time until they completely disown me as well.

Is there anyone in the O’Dovero family that will help me?

Is there anyone outside the family that will help me?

Is there anyone that can help me hire a Lawyer?

Do you know how they ended apartheid in South Africa?

When enough people in the “world” finally told the few in South Africa that were in charge that they weren’t going to put up with it anymore.

I now know I need a Lawyer. The longer this goes on, the angrier I’m becoming. I don’t want to be an angry man.

If you are a Law firm and you are interested taking my case,  contact me, but before you do, you’re going to need to convince me you can win.

I don’t want to be angry and I need someone to believe in me and help me. I’ve been trying for 40 years alone and I’m getting nowhere, so I sent an email to the Mining Journal asking if they’ll help me?

OK I’ve slept for a few days. I haven’t heard back from the Mining Journal yet, but I feel, somehow, someway, someone is going to help me.

I have to believe there’s someone that believes in me?

Tom, you called me up and asked me to redact a comment I made that Peter O’Dovero was building you a house? The reason I believed it was true is because your wife, my twin sister Jean told me he was building the house. When she first told me about it, the house was to be built somewhere behind Econo Foods. Upon hearing it and even though I’m homeless, I told her I was happy for her. Then a little while ago, she told me the house was to be built on a plot of land, owned by Peter, behind the airport somewhere. I was also lead to believe by Jean that Peter was going to be living in the house? Knowing that and the fact that Peter gave his (another) cabin to brother Pete to live in for free, I assumed Peter was paying for the house. Two years ago, I watched Jean wash Peter’s feet and the apply lotion on them. I think she said she did that for him just about every night?

Isn’t that what Jesus did for his disciples?

Tom, I thought you and Jean had a better relationship with Peter? 

If he isn’t paying for your house and he’s going to live there, I feel terrible for the two of you.

Tom, I’m sorry for writing that Peter was building you a house. I want to apologize to you, Jean and the entire Temple family that I thought Peter O’Dovero was building you a house.

Tom, I don’t want to fight with you, Jean or any member of the O’Dovero family. I just want the family to make up for the sins of the past.

One last thing, at the end of the phone call, you told me that the only reason I was writing my blog was to get people to feel sorry for me because I have a disability.

I know anger has been creeping into what I’ve been writing, so I’m wondering if that’s what prompted you to say that?

I know my writing skills could easily could be considered primitive. With that said, I hope those that read this don’t think I want them to feel sorry for me? Let me explain it this way. If I was in the desert, dehydrated and near death, I would much rather have 1 bottle of water than 1,000 people feeling sorry for me. Right now I’m homeless and I nearly died 3 times because of it. I don’t feel well right now. Last night I took a picture of my right foot/leg. I’ll post it.

I’d much rather have a house to live in than 1,000,000 people feeling sorry for me.

I’d rather you be angry at the O’Dovero family than feel sorry for me!

It’s a week later (Friday night). I was hoping to have this posted by now. But, remember my right foot/leg I told you about? I went to a doctor last Tuesday to drop off a urine culture. I wasn’t feeling right. While giving them the culture, they saw my right foot/leg. They no longer were concerned about a little urinary tract infection. The next thing I knew, I was going to the hospital and told I was going to spend at least one night, but told, don’t be surprised if it’s longer.

It turns out I have two blood clots in my leg. I’m told they can be deadly. If they break loose and go to my heart or I get a blood clot in my heart, I’d have a heart attack. If they break loose and go to my brain or I get the blood clot in my brain, I’d have a stroke. If they break loose and go to my lungs, I die. Since I have a history of bleeding ulcers, blood thinners can also cause me to bleed internally and be very dangerous to my health. I knew once I was diagnosed with blood clots, I wasn’t coming straight back to this motel from that doctor’s visit.

Luckily, I currently do not have bleeding ulcers, at this time. They ran the tests. I only had to spend one night in the hospital. I will be on blood thinners for a long time, maybe forever?

I feel like a lucky man.

Finally a doctor that did the right thing. This isn’t the first time I had blood clots in my leg? It’s just the first time I went to the hospital with an extremely swollen foot/leg and they ran the proper tests to find the blood clots. I went to the hospital for this when I was living in Marquette and going to college. I went to the hospital again when I was living in San Jose and working at H&R Block. I’ve had a swollen foot/leg a few other times. But when two different doctors in two different states didn’t know what’s wrong, you live with it and hope it gets better.

I feel like a lucky man.

I now know that I get blood clots. I now know I need to go to the hospital right away when my foot/leg swells up. Blood clots can kill me or leave this paralyzed body in worse shape than it is.

I haven’t heard back from the Mining Journal? I checked my email. My email system sometimes, sometimes too often, gives the appearance that an email is sent when I click the send button. But for some reason, maybe because I don’t often have a good secure internet connection? I don’t know, but too often, the mail I believe I’ve sent, goes into a draft folder. I found the email to the Mining Journal in there along with two other emails I thought I sent. I’m going to have to resend it.

Tom, Jean and the entire Temple family, I’m sorry I wrote that Peter O’Dovero was building you house. But if he does want to live with you, then charge him rent.

I still believe Peter and Lois should each sell $5,000,000 of their precious assets and give us the money they promised us all our lives. My father told me many, many times that he wasn’t working 60 hours a week for himself, but for me and his children. My mother made comments stating similar ideas.

I hope they keep those promises they made to all their other children.

I just want my money back.

And the millions they made with it.

I don’t know how God, Jesus and getting into heaven works? If anyone says they do with a 100% certainty, then good luck. I don’t believe it is as easy as too many believe it is.

Here’s a question?

Do you think Hitler is in Heaven?

If Hitler believes Jesus died on Calvary hill so his sins would be forgiven? Then Hitler should be allowed into Heaven?

Or, is there a line that God has drawn so bad people can’t use the death of his son Jesus, as a loophole?

Maybe? Possibly? Probably?

Again, I don’t know. But isn’t it God’s Heaven?

When I was in college I took a couple classes on religion. One was on reading and understanding the bible. I’ll never forget how God could be a vengeful God. In the book of Genesis, when God destroyed Sodom, he told Lot and the others not to look back. When Lot’s wife looked back at the destruction God caused on the sinners, he turned her into a pillar of salt!    

I cannot imagine a God like that letting the likes of a Hitler into Heaven.

So I have to ask?

Does God have a line you cannot cross and get into Heaven?

A long time ago, my family left me feeling hurt and betrayed so I told them I didn’t want the help they were offering me and that I’d talk to Peter on my own.

Again, I’m asking my mother and father not to disown me and to do the right thing and make up for the sins of the past!

I’m asking every member of the O’Doveros for help? Help me by doing the right thing and make up for the sins of the past!

If you don’t want to do it for me, do it for yourselves, your children and their families, their children and their families and so on?

Do be on the wrong side of a possible line?

And please remember what Jesus said, it’s easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle then for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.

A while back I wrote about a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust). If you look on the NASDAQ  Stock Exchange, you’ll find a REIT called,

New York Mortgage Trust

Ticker symbol (NYMT)

At close today the price was, $4.32

At this price, it has a dividend yield of 9.26%

When the stock price was a little lower a few months ago, the dividend yield was 10%.

Money doubles every 7.2 years with a 10% return.

Help me and I’ll help turn the empire into a REIT!

Help me and I’ll help turn the empire into a $500,000,000 empire!

We can use the money to do good. Everyone in the family can benefit from the $140,000,000 empire. Not just the chosen select! Plus the empire can help nonfamily as well. I scratched the surface with a few ideas in previous blogs.

Connie made a statement in the past that if she ever came into money, she start up a new news channel that only reported good news. I hope that wasn’t just bar talk?

Me? I’d love to have a late-night TV commercial that told those that are challenged, like me, that have families that take/use their monies for the family’s gains. That there is hope for them. Call the 800 number that’s shown on the bottom of the screen and a Law firm will listen to you, help you, be there for you and fight for you completely free of charge!

Tell people that they never have to hear their family and friends tell them, “It’s not my place!”

I’d love to see that TV commercial on late-night  TV so often that you get sick of seeing it.

Right now I see a family that is destroying itself over money.

Jim, back in 1994/95, you, didn’t just tell me and a table full of children that all the family owed me was just a house and $50,000. You told a table full of children, mom and dad that my $700,000 and all the profits it made and continues to make is the families and not mine. You told the family that if I didn’t like what you offered me, that I didn’t desire any money.

Shame on you for leaving me homeless.

Shame on you for not fighting for me to get the millions the family owes me.

Jim, in 1994/95, you, created a united front, an entire family united against me from ever getting the millions and millions and millions of dollars of profits my investment in the family empire made for you and the family.

Shame on you!

I slept well last night. I woke up thinking about this.

In 1995, on a trip to Florida, without a driver’s license, I seen the writing on the wall. It was time to leave Marquette. On September 15, 1995, I officially/legally became a resident of California. On April 17, 1996, I received a letter from Peter E. O’Dovero. It was a legal contract telling me that all he and the family was ever going to give me from the $10,000,000+ the family had already made from my insurance money was I was $244,000 (and no house).

That birthday, I stayed home. I didn’t want the world to see what I looked like.

The next morning, I signed the contract. A contract that was great for the family and had a fatal flaw for me. It was written into the contract that the amount I was going to receive was declining every day. Since I couldn’t live on $14,000 a year, my father  paying me $25,000 and deducting everything over the allowance from the $244,000.

A year and a half went by. And no check. I had no support from anyone in the family. The family Jim united against me. It took a Lawyer and a couple of years to force Peter to honor his/the family’s contract. By the time I finally received a check from Peter/the family, it was barely over $200,000.

In 1997, I could have put Peter E. O’Dovero in prison for embezzlement and possibly hell later on. I would have won millions if I took the family to court. But I couldn’t do that to Peter, Lois, and the family. I still believed my mother; Jim and the family would be there for me.

Then in 2004, I tried for my money again. Step sister Connie and the united family front made up the shameful lie and told Peter that he should turn his back on me, he should never be a loving-caring father to me and everyone in the family should continue the united front against me.

It’s $140,000,000 empire and I’m homeless!

Jim, you think you are the smartest O’Dovero. From one pretty smart O’Dovero to another, this is how I would have handled me 2 ½ years ago. I would have hired me as a consultant at $100,000 per year guaranteed for life. Because I’m in collections and cannot get a loan on my own, I would have made arrangement with a bank to loan me as much as I wanted to buy the motorhome of  my dreams. Then I would have made a hand shake agreement to work with me to find future business investments, so I could start building an empire of my own. I would have kept me happy and busy, especially working on my own projects, so I didn’t have time or desire to write about the O’Dovero family sins of the past. In exchange, I would have ask me to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

But wait Mr. Peabody! I believe I wrote most of this in a text message to you and most of the O’Dovero family 1 ½ years ago when I thanked you and Joe for believing in me and hiring me on a New Year’s Day text. And, like usual, not one person, especially not you, stood up for me when step sister Connie shot me down and told me I didn’t have a job.

All Jim and the entire family had to do was to tell Connie to shut the #$%^ up and hire me like Jim and Joe said they would!

Jim, Laurie, the two of you are the only two members of the entire O’Dovero family that told me that “other families with a disabled family member” would set up a trust for the child, so that child would never go homeless, never go hungry and never go without. But both of you fall short of saying this family is wrong for not putting my $700,000 into a trust for me. Or, that you will be there for me and tell the rest of the family that that’s what loving, caring families do.

I just thought of something. No one in the entire O’Dovero family has every even thought about  setting up a trust for me.

It was me setting up a trust for them!

Jim, Laurie, I’m hiring a Lawyer. I’ll see the both of you in court. I sure hope the two of you are testifying for me and not fighting against me. I hope that the two of you can convince a few others to do the same.

Tom, Jean and the rest of the O’Dovero family, the offer of hope goes out to the rest of you as well.

O’Dovero family. Please make no mistake.

No one gets to act like the dumb monkeys anymore!

The question is? are you for me? or against me?

That question is for EVERY MEMBER of the O’Dovero family 18 years of age and older!

It’s now July 31. Earlier this week I bought a PO Box at the post office. The hospital called me a few times in the past couple of weeks telling me that the letters containing the test results and the dates, times and locations for my upcoming doctor’s appointments were being returned to them. They said there was writing on the front of the envelopes stating I didn’t live at that address.

I’m homeless, so a couple of years ago I asked a few family members if I could use their address as a mail drop. The answer was no until I asked the brother that lived with me in California for nearly 5 years. He said yes. But I guess he now changed his mind. He didn’t tell me he changed his mind. So I’m now paying for a box at the post office.

I can tell similar stories of how I never turned my back on anyone in the family. The story you are about to read is true. The name has been redacted to protect the guilty.

I drove back to Marquette for the summer of 1999. I wasn’t in town for a day when a younger brother told me he was going back to California with me and he was going to live with me. I guess I told he that he could live with me in California. I don’t remember it, but it does sound like something I’d say. Now this brother didn’t have any money, or even a pot to piss in. So the nice guy that I am, I gave him $250 so he could enjoy his last summer in Marquette with his friends.

I don’t recall if we left in late August or early September. I did have a date I needed to be back in California for. The drive across the country was fun. One night at a campground, a town put on a fireworks display (just for us.) we laughed and joked about it, because it wasn’t the 4th of July, so it must have been just for us. Another night we camped in Yellowstone. I believe it was near the Montana border. We had a fire in the fire pit. We? I bought a buck saw so we (my brother) could find dead trees to cut up to burn. A word of advice. Do not put any wood in your vehicle that you find lying on the ground from a state park and then talk with the park ranger. It turns out that there are signs posted everywhere telling you not too take any type of wood from the park. We didn’t see them until we were about to bump into a park ranger. Luckily we didn’t get caught.

I’d like to tell you more about the trip across the country, but we have to be back in California to go charter fishing out on the Pacific ocean. The peaceful ocean as Ferdinand Magellan called it. It wasn’t peaceful on the hour or two boat ride to the area we were going salmon fishing?  I believe we were using anchovies as bait if that helps. I have to laugh. We arrived at the ship around 6am with a cooler full of beer. We were the only two people that brought beer. In case you don’t know, before you go out on the ocean, drink a beer. Then one every hour or two. Of the 25+ on the boat, the only 5 or 6 that didn’t get sick were those of us that had a beer or two.

Back in San Jose, my brother started looking for a job. Since he didn’t have any money when we were in Marquette, well, he didn’t win the lottery on the way to California. He didn’t have a car either. Or more than 3 or 4 sets of clothes. So the nice brother that I am, I bought him clothes and gave him the keys to my Lincoln LSC. I don’t remember the year. I liked the car. So did my brother. It took my brother more than six months to find a job. He started off looking for a management position. If you knew my brother, you’d understand why he couldn’t find a management job in Silicon Valley. There are people there with masters and PhD’s that can’t find a job in Silicon Valley. But I was supportive, I bought the food, water, beer. I paid all the bills, paid for all the concert tickets. Whenever the Detroit Redwings came to town, I bought those tickets too. When his birthday came around and Christmas, I bought him presents. And my nice guy generosity didn’t end when my brother finally landed a job for $9 an hour working for a company installing car lifts in gas stations and repair shops. It went on until he moved back to Marquette in the spring of 2004. How many birthday presents, Christmas presents, rent money, food, water, etc. did I receive or he pay for after he found a job?

Another thing, since I’m on a rant. I don’t believe my brother ever lived on his own before, so he never paid any utility bills. I know he never had a credit card. Since I’m a loving and caring brother, I cosigned to get him his first credit card. I then told him to charge a little bit every month and to pay the entire balance due right away when the statement came. It didn’t take long and the credit card company started raising his credit limits. He now owns a house.

That’s enough. I’m tired of thinking about what I’ve done for the family. Wait! One last thing before I call it a night. When I was living at 322 E. Ridge street and paying the bills, I bought a hot tub. When I moved to California, I gave my brother Pete the hot tub. I also gave him a 1971 Chevelle, 1972 Cutlas, 1975 Monte Carlo. In 1996, I gave him $15,000 to buy 40 acres of land which I was supposed to triple my money in two years, but … you can guess? Oh crap, I bought him a brand new 1982 Chevrolet SS Camaro. I’m lucky if he paid me back 2/3rd of the cost brand new Camaro. But he burnt all that paperwork, so we’ll never know. I borrowed the $15,000 to buy the land against my life insurance. Guess what happens to your $100,000 of life insurance policy when you don’t pay back the loan?

Brother John, I’m sorry I was a dumbass and gave the hot tub to Pete. I should have given it to you. When I win the lawsuit, I’ll buy you and your entire family passage on a cruise ship anywhere in the world you want to go.

It’s now August 7. Yesterday it was my brother John’s birthday. I called him yesterday and wished him a happy birthday. He was busy with a flat tire, so he told me he’d call back today. My luck ran out and I finally fell out of my wheelchair while doing a transfer. It happens from time to time. When I had a place to live and good shoulders, I could get back in the wheelchair by using a couch. But those days are gone. I do have a patient lift machine in storage. It works great. I can get back into my wheelchair quickly, easily and safely by myself, but I’m homeless. I can’t carry it in my van, so I can’t bring it with me to motels. I called up my friend Brian to help me. Brian and the lady from the front desk helped me back into my wheelchair. 20 minutes later, brother John called me.

It’s 1 o’clock on a Sunday. Do you know where your parents are?

I had the TV on while I was doing my morning stretching. I don’t remember if it was a Randolph Scott movie or the Cheyenne TV show starring Clint Walker. Being homeless, I’ve watched a lot of broadcast TV. H&I, ME TV and Grit are the three channels I tend to watch the most. I been watching westerns. I’ve seen more westerns since I’ve been homeless then I’ve watched in my entire life previous to being homeless. My favorite is Maverick. For nonwestern, it’s Mannix staring Mike Connors.

Anyway, while watching a western this morning, oh crap! It wasn’t a western. I wake up so often during the night, that I leave the TV on. I think I rolled on the remote and turned the channel, because the TV show was labeled, an E/I show. They are TV shows geared for children. E = entertainment and I = information. Anyway while I was waking up, I remember the commercial that was playing over and over. It was about “being a dad” for your children. That sent my mind spinning. During the last three years, of all the family members, I’ve spent the most time with brother Jim. I spent 100 hours talking with brother Jim, I doubt if I’ve spent 100 hours with the rest of the family combined. So if you think I’m writing about Jim because I’m angry with him, your wrong. I think Jim should be the chairman of the board and run the family. If, IF he is willing to change?

While talking to Jim, his son Jimmy and  his wife Laurie, I was lead to believe, by all three, that in the early days, he wasn’t the best father, because he spent too much time at work and not enough time “being a dad.” But, BUT, Jim realized the errors of his ways and changed. If you talk to Jim about it now, he’s proud of his changed ways, and he should be!

What did Jim do to change his ways? I don’t believe Jim realizes what he truly did, but being an outsider and looking at the big picture, I feel I seen the change. Jim stopped looking at the things his son was doing that he didn’t like, and he found a way to bond with Jimmy. One of them was Jimmy racing ATV 4-wheelers. Jim even went so far as to buy a motorhome and drive Jimmy to all the races, no matter how far away they were. When I heard both of them talking about it, it was so obvious that spending time together on the interests Jimmy liked, they stopped butting heads and became best friends rather than just a father and a son.

Jim, you also told me why brother Pete quit working for Associated. Or one of the reasons leading up to it anyway. Pete was working on a state highway job. You told me he was spending time clearing rocks and boulders that were beyond the scope of the contract and that the state wasn’t going to pay for that hour or two he spent on it.

Yes you were right! My question is this? Was it worth it? The two of you have now spent the last five years in court, paying Lawyers millions, fighting over the family empire.

A few days ago, I bumped into a different brother while picking up my blood thinner medication at Walmart. He told me he recently quit working for you. Again, I’m sure you are right for being the businessman and treating him the way you did.

When I tried talking to you about dad stealing my insurance money, your response was, “Isn’t there a statute of limitations on that?”

Jim, you changed for your son. You’ve changed for your wife. If you want to run the O’Dovero family, you need to change the way you see and treat the rest of the family.

Don’t dwell on our weakness, or worse yet, push us away. It’s a $140,000,000 empire. Find a way for all of us to be happy!

On the brother Pete example, couldn’t you just have paid Pete the hours the state was willing to pay and any extra time the state wouldn’t pay, have Associated pay? The couple of hours of pay by Associated would not have bankrupted Associated.

As for the other brother, he told me you made it challenging for him to work for you. Yes he has his problems. And yes, I can understand why you may not want him working for the family for liability reasons. So rather than have him working for you, let him work on his own. He’s been living with mom for years? Mom doesn’t understand what’s going on in the world. For Christ sake, she’s leaving me homeless. Let him feel some worth and feel appreciated for what he’s doing for mom. Mom should leave him her house and the three rental houses she has on the property in her will. In the meantime, draw up an agreement so this brother knows what he’ll be getting them and he’ll have a reason to treat the property as if it were his, because it will be. Now, before you shoot it down because this brother isn’t the most business or book smart member of the family, support his short comings, not beat him up because of them. One way would be to ask, not tell, but ask if your office collect the rents, pay the bills and keep the books. Tell him that everything would be entirely in his name, but the office would help him if he wanted. Let him manage the properties. Help him when he asks, but give him the freedom to succeed or fail. It’s only three rental houses.

Also, have mom pay this brother $35,000 a year for living with her. It’s not going to bankrupt mom with her $50,000,000 empire, but it just might help this brother to become a businessman. You’re going to have a challenge convincing mom. Mom doesn’t know how to give. Who knows, maybe some positive reinforcements might do him some good.

Jim, you changed for your family, change for the O’Dovero family.

Jim, it’s getting close to three years since you called me up and asked me to fly to Marquette to testify for the trust. Which I was happy to do. And for two years we talked like friends. I come to see the man you are, the good, the bad and the ugly. You’ve told me several times that the ugliness  in the O’Dovero family is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. And that was before I had any intention of suing. A year ago, I made you a promise that if I left Marquette still homeless that you would hate me for what I was prepared to do. Actually I said, “You’d fucking hate me!” Your response was, “When you sue, please wait until I’m not running things!”

Jim, you keep calling the family a broken family. But you’re not trying to fix it! I can say this because I’m still Fucking Homeless!

I now have blood clots in my leg. I cannot afford to allow you and the family to keep turning your backs me. I need a home to live in. I’m not going to let you and the family the off the hook for investing my insurance money into the family empire then disowning me. I’m going to fight for the money the family owes me for as long as it takes, and if it means saying, doing and becoming someone I’m going to hate, then I might end up hating who I become. I want God and everyone in the world to know right now, I’ve tried being the nice guy for 40 years.

If I continue to be the nice guy, I’m going to die, broke and homeless.

Jim, one week after I post this, I’m sending an email to the Mining Journal and asking them for their help. Since you told me you don’t read this blog, I’ll email you a copy of this. I suggest you, Joe, your wives and children read this and at least the last couple of years of my blog.

Here’s what I hope you do so I don’t have to get a Lawyer and sue.

Admit to yourself, your family, mom and the others that my insurance money was invested into the O’Dovero family empire and that I’m part owner. I’ll be flexible on the percentage if you honestly negotiate in good faith and you honestly try to fix this broken family. I mean with me, all 5 other brothers, 2 sisters, a mom and dad and the other family members. It’s time that everyone, from the youngest to the oldest knows what’s going on, AND gets involved!

I actually believe that you can convince brother Pete and twin sister Jean that working together is many times better than fighting and tearing the family apart. I believe mom, Petsy and Jean can convince dad to do the right thing. The upside is so much better than the downside, it’s worth trying. Explain to them that if I sue, I won’t just be suing, I’ll make it public as well and it won’t be pretty for anyone.

I truly believe the O’Dovero empire combined is much greater than a broken family. I truly believe that an O’Dovero family working together can build and turn this family empire into a REIT. I truly believe you can lead this family and make it happen.

Let me know?

Because in 1 week, my new belief will be that there will never be an O’Dovero empire again. After years of you, brother Pete, mom, dad and I fighting in court, the O’Dovero empire and the O’Dovero reputation will suffer irreparable damage.

In one week your actions are going to tell God and the world what’s more important. Your stubborn belief that you’re right, you’re always right and I’m wrong. Others in the family are always right as well. Is it your plan to let the family tear the O’Dovero empire apart? By watching dad disown me for years, by letting mom disown me, by letting Connie make up lies about me and hate me, you are and have been allowing the family to tear itself apart.

Are you going to fix the family and make you and your family the richest O’Doveros on the face of the earth because you earned it and deserve it, or are you going to watch the O’Dovero family destroy itself so you can make you and your family the richest O’Doveros on the face of the earth because it’s the easiest path to take?

Why am I putting all the pressure on you? Because in 1991 I graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting. I then took dad’s grossly undervalued real estate company and turned it into  a first-class profitable operation. Mom and dad had no estate plan, so I created a beautiful, perfect estate plan. An estate plan that included an irrevocable trust that has distributed $95,000 to you and the rest of the children since I’ve been homeless. God only know how much you and the rest of the children received over the past 30 years? A trust that survived a 5-year court battle with dad.

Then you, Connie and Petsy came to Ridge street with 5 others in 1994/95 and you told “the family” that my 700,000 of insurance money and the millions of dollars of profits belonged to the family and I’m the Enemy of the State by not wanting your help. Then you continued to enhance your reputation and leadership by throwing me out of the trust and replacing me with Joe.

Then for the next 25 years, you watched and allowed Connie to make up lies and continue to destroy my reputation. Why?

Because I didn’t fight for myself when you and Connie were destroying my reputation, I do not have the respect of the O’Dovero family. I cannot fix the broken family.

But you can!

Will you? Please?

I’ll be happy to help. I have a lot of ideas.





  1. MOM, THE TRUST OR MIDWAY RENTAL SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT ME A MOTORHOME, OR AT LEAST SOMEONE IN THE FAMILY SHOULD HAVE HIRED ME SO I COULD HAVE BOUGHT ONE (I swallowed my pride and threw my self-respect in the gutter sleeping in my van on your properties, your driveways and your backyards for 2 years while I tried to get a job somewhere, anywhere in the family empire).


I’M FIGHTING FOR MY LIFE! (I now have 2 blood clots! What’s next? Only God knows)


It’s now August 20, 2021. I have to check out of this motel tomorrow. I’ve been here since June. The motel rented the room for a week to someone else that needs a handicapped room. I can come back in a week, but only for a month. Then I have to leave again. So I need to post this blog.

Jim, the biggest mistake you made in your life is to leave me homeless, and to continue to leave me homeless. You’ve given me too much time to think about why I’m homeless and how I arrive at such a low and dangerous place in life. I now have to add blood clots, heart attacks, strokes and blood loss (especially internal bleeding. I have a history of bleeding ulcers. Jim, you brought me to the emergency room in Ishperming. I was quickly transferred from the Ishperming hospital to the larger Marquette hospital, because my life depended on it. As soon I a got there, they gave me 2 pints of A+ blood to save my life. Hospitals don’t stick a needle in your arm and pump 2 pints of blood because it’s a Tuesday and they have nothing better to do! And you drove me to the Ishperming emergency room and then from there to the larger hospital in Marquette.)

Jim, unless I hear from you, In 1 week, I’m going to ask the Mining Journal to help me find a Lawyer. I can not fight a unified family alone.

I’m also giving a shout out to anyone else that wants to help. I welcome your help. I do not want to go to court.

But I don’t want die homeless either.

Jim, I know you are going to bang the drum and tell everyone that you are giving me $7,000 a month.

It sounds like a lot of money, but $700,000 is a lot more. At $7,000 a month, it will take 100 months to match the $700,000 the family invested into the O’Dovero empire more than 40 years ago. That’s about 8 ½ years of monthly checks just to match my investment in the O’Dovero family. A family that now has a net worth of $140,000,000 and they won’t build me a house to live in and buy me a motorhome to travel in?

I’m not going to live in the basement of a rental house mom owns. I’m not going to live in an apartment owed by someone else. Is it too much to want a house with a garage? A basement with a workshop so I can make my adaptive living equipment? A nice big bedroom that will fit a king size bed and still have room for my wheelchair to move around in? A couple of bedrooms for guests? A den or office? A nice big kitchen of my dreams? A yard to entertain guests and maybe a dog? An apartment above the garage or somewhere on the property so I can have a friend live there, so they can mow the grass, shovel the snow, take out the trash, etc.

Is it too much to want a house to live in where I never have to move from again?

In a perfect world, I’d have a summer home in Marquette and a winter home not in Marquette.

If you don’t think I’m asking for too much and you want to help me? Contact someone, anyone in the O’Dovero family and tell them.

A wise man once said, you donate to a GoFundMe thing, you feed a man for a day. You tell the O’Dovero family to talk to me and make up for the sins of the past, and I my dreams finally start coming true.