I’d like to thank everyone for the positive comments and feed back. When I started this sight, I had no idea if anyone would read it, like it or even be interested. I just did what I do best, I just started talking (typing). Jerry O’Dovero

One comment said I don’t know what I’m talking about, and there is some truth to that. I won’t argue. And another claimed I was just whining. The truth is I kind of thought I was as well. The first few years after the accident was a new life I had zero experience in. I deleted a few stories because I thought I might be complaining or whining too much. But I left most of the stories for two reasons. 1) my target audience is persons with disabilities, their families and friends. I want them to know that even though I now travel across the country in a 36′ motor home alone, I felt alone and afraid for a few years after the accident. If I can tell it to the world on the world wide web, then it’s OK for everyone to be afraid sometimes. Not everyone is born with the confidence to be a cheerleader, captain of the football team or leader of the free world. But if you try and sometimes fail, life gets better, even wonderful. 2) my blog is not unlike a book. Although I might sound like I’m whining a little in the beginning, the first few chapters, it’s the foundation for the rest of the story or book.

I find once I accomplish something ”once” I’m never afraid of it anymore. I feel you’re up to speed on the early years after the accident. Now my stories will be a little more exciting.

Now, Several questions have been asked. I don’t know how the RSS feed thing works. I’m not a computer person. sorry. Or how the sight works or downloads. Sorry.

My web page is on Inmotion Hosting. My page layout is through WordPress I don’t know how they work either. Sorry again. I had help from my friend Anne getting started. I was lost without her help.

My goal is to try write one blog a week.

I’m getting hungry and my brain starting to quit working. Thanks again everyone.