Cops and Robbers

I had a great time in Anaheim with Shawn and watching hockey. Then life came back with a slap in the face. On the way home I got a flat tire on the motor home. Lucky I was only 5 miles from a truck stop, so it was only money on a credit card and another day to get home, but when I opened my door I found my apartment robbed. Not just robbed, but trashed as well. I couldn’t move move then 3 feet inside my apartment. What they didn’t steal, they left thrown everywhere. They even left the fridge and freezer doors open. But i’m still a lucky man. Three phone calls to friends and 5 people showed up to help clean, well enough so I could go to bed. My friends took 20 minutes and brought pizza. The cops took 4 hours, after 10:30pm to show up. one was nice, but the other was a dick. He said because of budget cuts they weren’t going to look for who done it. Sometimes when someone is having a bad day, you don’t need to be totally truthful. At that time of night, a little lie saying we have a list of what’s stolen and sometimes we come across them. Not as often as we’d like, but sometimes. I’m not 5 years old, but being dick and blaming it on budgets cuts. OK I vented. It just pisses me off that my friends waited 4 hours for them to show up.

OK, I’m a lucky man. My buddy Steve has a pickup truck and says he’ll go to best buy with me to buy a new TV. There are still good people in this world.