Little drummer boy

Jerry O’Dovero ¬†(quadriplegic, disabled)Yesterday I went to the bank. Its only a few blocks away, so I always wheel it. I was starving and it was my birthday, so I had dinner and a pint of beer on the way at BJ’s. My tab was $15 so I gave a $20 and said thanks. Then I met up with Kristina at the Pearl lounge. I have a wonderful time there chatting with the gang there. I was driving so I only had a couple, but my tab was zero. I even got my hat back, but I gave it to another lovely lady. Most fun I’ve had with a hat ever. I then dropped the van off at home and wheeled back to BJ’s. Again my glass never went empty and my tab was ¬†zero again. This morning my phone rang, and rang, and rang, and rang. I tried blocking the ringing with my pillow, but it didn’t help much. I finally fell back into a light sleep and had a daydream. I dreamt God asked me to come with him. I asked if I could get a can of mountain dew first that I was thirsty. Soon I was floating over a room full of people I knew. God was next to me and he waved his hand. Suddenly I could hear their voices. They were all laughing. One voice said, ”its my turn to tell someone to call Jerry’s phone.” I suddenly realized what was going on. I was in heaven and it looked like everyone was having fun. And this morning it was at my expense. I turned to see what God looked like, but he faded away too fast. I look back to see who was in heaven, but they faded away too. I finally crawl out of bed at 10;30. My head playing a soft version of the little drummer boy. I see on my dinning room table a pint glass with an inch of the amber substance from the night before. I must have forgot the glass in my holder when I left the bar. Crap, I stole a glass. I go to get my morning can of dew, but the 12 pack box was empty. Then I remembered I dropped a can on the floor a week earlier. I smiled, because I think God forgave me for stealing the pit glass by having me dropping the can of dew and saving it for this morning. I really needed it. I’m still having fun. I like being me. lol