The Letter

Jerry O’Dovero (handicapped, paraplegic, quadriplegic)

Before I start writing, I want to apologize to those who log on looking for a new story. I’ve had writer’s block for too long now. I’ve started several stories only to never finish. The writer’s block started shortly after I received a letter in mail. The letter was signed I love you!

But it felt like it was anything but. First of all, it was a registered letter. I had to show I valid photo ID card and sign my name before I could even open it. But looking at the return address, I was hopefully. 25 years earlier she borrowed $2,000 from me and promised to pay me back with 7.5% interest until she paid the loan off. She gave me one check for $150 then made me the bad guy so she wouldn’t have to pay me anymore money.

Some people can be cruel. They can say and or do bad things toward someone then say they love them 15 minutes later forget it ever happened. I’d have to say men are probably guilty of this a lot more often than women. I had a friend that could say the rudest things about his wife while she stood next to him. Myself and the others standing around would feel sorry for her while he laughed about it. Then being cruel but thinking flowers or gifts afterwards is a cure doesn’t cut it for me either. Several years ago a famous basketball player was accused of rape in I believe Colorado. The news said he bought his wife a $5,000,000 diamond ring the next day. Of course his high priced Lawyers made the poor girl look like a slut so the charges were dropped.

I’m an easy going man. But I’d rather be beat with a stick than hurt with words. I don’t get over things very easily.

After reading the letter I felt like crying. While the words pretended to say I love you, the true intention of the letter was anything but. Who sends a registered letter to tell someone they love them? Has anyone sent you one?I didn’t know what I should do. My first thought was to write a 4 page letter in response how’s she’s wrong about me and how I wish she would stop serving the cool-aide to others. The last time I was in Marquette this woman was going to have me arrested. She was going around telling people I was postal and I was about to go on a killing spree.  Then when I was done, I was going to call it quits myself. I didn’t hear about it until after I left Marquette. Just before I left, I bought 110 acres of land in Chocolay Township. 2 days before I left, I had dinner at her house. I had no idea she was bad mouthing me. To my face she was my best friend, but behind my back she was making up terrible lies. The most amazing part is some people believed her. But not one of them loved me enough to ask me what was going on. I was going to go postal, but I didn’t have a gun! Like the great Mickey Redmond says, ‘’why ruin a good story with the facts?’’ Rumor has it my finger is pretty deadly though. If you see me pointing my finger at you – you better run! It hurt that there are some who claim to love me that would believe that crap without talking to me first. I haven’t been back to Marquette since then. That was in 2004. I’m afraid too. What else is she capable of doing? She could scratch her face and tell the police I attacked her. Who say’s she won’t call the police if she sees my vehicle in front of a friends house, bar or restaurant and tells them I’m drunk. I’d be afraid to go to Marquette and have one drink. I have enough problems in my life. I don’t need go to Marquette with someone out to get me.

But I did what I do best; I put the letter down for a few days so I wouldn’t over react to it. After a few days I showed the letter to my good buddy Steve. Steve read the short one page letter than asked for my iphone 4s. It was 11 o’clock at night here in California so I hoped he wasn’t going to do what I somehow knew he was going to do. Steve is my phone guy. One day a few years back he told me he was trying to text me all day and I wasn’t responding. I told him my phone never rang all day and yes it was charged. I can’t tell you how many times I found my battery dead on my phone. I’m not a phone guy. If I hear it ring, I answer. Otherwise I don’t live or die with staring at the phone calling or texting. Steve and a few others know that, so they call again later if I don’t answer. Anyway, Steve asks for my old flip phone I had at the time and says I have 37 unanswered text messages. But Steve the phone never rang! A few clicks later and he tells me it’s set to vibrate and not ring. I carry my phone on my wheelchair, not in a pocket, so I don’t feel the vibration. I told you it never rang! Click, click, click and its fixed. When I bought the iphone Steve set everything up so it would ring, the internet would work and even Pandora. So this night months ago I hoped Steve was upgrading my iphone and not calling Michigan at 2 o’clock in the morning their time. Then Steve says, hi I’m Steve a friend of Jerry’s and he would like to talk to you. He then holds the phone so I can grab it. I swallow and said hi. Less than a minute later I said nice talking to you too, sorry for the late call, good night.

Steve smiles and says you just fulfilled your contractual agreement according to her letter. The letter said you’re a poor correspond and you needed to contact her or you were going to be disowned. You made contact. You did what she asked. You’re done! Oh Steve if it only that easy. But I thanked him, I think I even high fived him because I hoped he was right.

But I knew this woman better than Steve. That registered letter wasn’t an olive branch; it was a calculated thought out means to have me disowned while looking like I’m the antichrist. That I fell down the rabbit hole and gave up on life or that I joined a cult and I couldn’t be saved. A few weeks later she sends me an email with the new set of demands I needed to meet. Again, her plan was to have me disowned, so more letters with demands followed. One of which I had to let her come visit me last Christmas and let her stay at my apartment. I told her I was having some health issues and I was seeing doctors, but could we discuss it in a few months. Another demand was that I had to actually say I loved everyone she told me to love. I wasn’t allowed to choose who I loved. It was her way or the highway. When I’d respond to her emails, I’d write about what was going on with my life. I was nice and polite. I didn’t say anything confrontational. I didn’t want to have a pissing contest with her. I knew that even though she was a woman she could piss farther than me on my best day. So I kept my email nice and polite. That just angered her more and more. If you want to piss off someone that wants to argue, be nice. I showed my friends Jackie and Kristina her emails. They both wanted to write to her and put her in her place. One might have even used the ‘’b’’ word when referring to her. But I asked them not too.

Finally after emails full of hatred and demands this woman sent her last email. It stated that she is impatient, that she’ll never pay me the money she owed me and that she never wanted to talk to me again. She also asked that I never write about her again in my blogs. Oh, I’m never to write or contact her either. I even received emails from two of her daughters telling me I was the reason there is war, diseases and famine in the world and I shouldn’t write to them either ever again. The sad part of it is, and, and its sad is they tell me I’m the evil monster because I’m a poor correspondent. I didn’t steal from anyone. I didn’t beat up any poor defenseless children, I didn’t spread false rumors about anyone, I’m worse than Hitler because I’m a poor correspondent.

Since I’m not supposed to write about her anymore, this entire entry is a story I made up just to lose my writer’s block. The people mentioned and the story are fictitious and completely made up. I love everyone!!!

My next story will also be fictitious. It will be about selling your sole. Would you sell your sole to the devil for $10,000,000?