Clean Sheets

Jerry O’Dovero (quadriplegic, paraplegic, handicapped, disabled)

Do you make your bed every morning? For the first 15 years of living of here in California I did. Strangely, it’s when I felt my best. Now I highly doubt there’s scientific or medical proof that making your bed keeps you healthier, but I believe it does. Making your bed isn’t enough exercise to make you healthier. I doubt if putting clean sheets on once in a while makes a big difference, but when I did, I felt better, even healthier. The last couple of years have been a little more trying. My body is getting older. When you have a disability your body is going to age faster than the person next to you. It’s simple; you have to use other parts of your body more to compensate for the parts that don’t work. You use it, you wear it out. So the best advice I can give you is to enjoy life every day, especially when you’re young. If you’re lucky your body will wear out because your old.

The second reason I think making my bed made me healthier was it provided structure in my life. A routine if you will. Even though it’s just a bed, it’s something to believe in. When I’d go back into my bedroom later in the day and see my room nice, neat and in order I feel better about myself. Even though I’m single and no one is probably going to know. I’d still know. In my 51 years of life, I’ve dated a few women. Nearly all the time they were wearing sexy undergarments. And I’m laughing right now because the couple of times they didn’t, they’d apologize before we’d get to the time of night where I’d see what was underneath. Why do women spend large sums of money on lingerie and wear it to work under their clothes where no one at work will ever see? It makes them feel better about themselves. Your life is better when you feel good about yourself. No one went into a crowd and did terrible things when they feel good about themselves. Wearing sexy underwear doesn’t do it for me, but a clean apartment does. I need to get back to cleaning it more often.

For the longest time I used to keep my thoughts to myself. I just did what I thought was right or what I thought I needed to do to make me happy. But I’m getting older. Time is flying by like you wouldn’t believe. I think I’m waking up every day, but I swear I’m only waking up once a month, at best. Time is just flying by. I enjoy telling my thoughts here. I’m sure people are laughing at me for doing so, but at least their laughing.

Today’s thought was ”structure.” I feel my best when I have structure in my life. I spent the past three weeks mostly in my bed. I scratched my rear which isn’t good. Open sores can be dangerous for me. I either sit in my wheelchair or lay in bed. Even a small scratch can become a major problem if not watched closely. Than as luck would have it, I also burnt my finger. It very quickly became infected. I had antibiotics for a bladder infection so I took them until my rear healed. Then I went to see my doctor to get the correct medicine. My doctor was actually impressed how even though it was infected for long time it was that bad. But I kept it clean with drug store crap. A long story short, I’ve had time to think about life. I want routines back in my life. I feel my best when I have it. Talking to you has become part of it.

It’s important for parents to be a part of their children’s lives. It’s an important routine that starts at birth. Knowing that your parents are there for you gives you something to believe in. My parents haven’t talked to me in ten years. It’s time to tell that story. I will soon. I don’t want what happened to me to happen to anyone else.