Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?

Jerry O’Dovero (disabled, quadriplegic, paraplegic)

Do you think all dogs go to heaven? My mind is so weird that it’s actually fun to live with. A while back my buddy Kip came down to visit.  He brought his dog Gwen. Gwen has short brown hair like a chocolate lab, but the nose and feet of a collie or something. She also has the temperament of a pit bull. A friendly loving loyal dog, but you wouldn’t want to see anyone try to hurt Kip. Gwen is like most dogs (I’m assuming) loyal to the end.

It reminds me of two jokes. A dog thinks his/her owner is God. The owner provides him his food and water when he barks for it. His owner takes him outside to go potty. The owner buys toys, collars, treats etc. etc. etc. the own takes him for rides in his car and walks on the beach. The owner is a God that provides the dog a universe to live in. A dog worships his owner. He loves to show it by licking his face, wagging his tail and jumping up and down with excitement every time the owner comes home. A cat on the other hand thinks that he/she is the God and the owner is there to serve and worship her. When she’s hungry she demands her food with a few cries. When she wants to go outside she stands by the door and no matter how comfy the owner is on the couch; the owner better get up and open the door. Then a minute later without even needing to go potty she wants back in, so the owner better open the door and fast. When she wants attention the owner better give it, but the rest of the time she wants her space respected. A cat thinks she’s the God and the owner is there to worship her!

The other joke is just a joke. If you locked your dog and your wife in the trunk of a car and came back hours later, which one do you think would be happy to see you?  Hint, one would jump up and down, lick your face and maybe even pee themselves because they think you saved them from hell.

It’s just a joke, but it got me thinking one day when Kip was down visiting with Gwen. Every time Kip would leave the apartment Gwen would wait for his return. When I say wait, I mean wait! She’d wait by the patio door like she was on guard. She’d stand or sit there for hours looking out the glass door.  It was like she felt liked if she’d blinked that Kip might not return. She knows the sound of his truck, so she can tell long before me when Kip parking his truck. Kip parked his truck just a few yards from my patio. As soon as she hears Kip parking his truck she starts getting excited. By the time Kip opened the front door Gwen would be moaning and squealing and jumping around. For the first few minutes after Kip walks into the apartment he has all he can do to calm her down. She’s licking his face and jumping on him. It happens every time he leaves for just a few hours she goes crazy when he returns. It’s a sight to see. The love Gwen has for Kip is second to none. It’s a sight I’m sure you dog owners know all about.

So it got me thinking. What if when some people die and go to be judged by God, he says, ‘’you forgot to confess to one or two of your sins and you weren’t very loving to your family. It’s not the end of the world and I want to let you in to heaven, but there are the rules. But, here’s your option, go to the other place, or go back to earth in the form of a dog. If you can show me that you truly love your owner I’ll let you into heaven.’’

They say God works in mysterious ways. What if not just dogs but all pets had the sole of someone trying to get into heaven? It may be a dumb idea, but the next time you look at someone’s dog happy to see their owner you’ll think of this dumb story.

Like I said many before, I’m amazed I’ve made it this far in life with the scrambled eggs I have for brains.