Enemy of the State

Jerry O’Dovero (quadriplegic, disabled)

The other day I watched the movie, Enemy of the State. It stars; Gene Hackman, Will Smith and Lisa Bonet. It’s one of those very few movies I can, and do, watch over and over again. Two other movies I can watch at the drop of a hat are Casablanca and My Cousin Vinny. Two classics. The movie Enemy of the State is action packed, well just the right amount. Too much action ruins a movie. I find it happens a lot with sequels. I feel a good movie tells enough about the main characters to make them likable and hateable. Another thing I like about the Enemy of the State movie, besides the underlining message, is it moves along nicely. You don’t get bored watching it or is the movie predictable.

Now, I’m not going to ruin the movie by telling you about it, so I’m going to tell you what the underlining meaning of the term, Enemy of the State, and who uses it? Governments and Law enforcements have been making people and groups of people Enemies of the State for as long as there has been Governments and Law enforcement. Corporations and big business also routinely use the Enemy of the State tactics to discredit individuals as well as groups of people, so they can make their millions. But it doesn’t stop there, misguided people I’m being nice in small towns and even families can and do use the Enemy of the State tactics to discredit some to further their agendas, whether it’s for money, power or – sometimes they’re just assholes.

The first thing to make someone the Enemy of the State is to discredit the person(s) so no believes them or believes in them. They just want you to see them as evil. It’s easier to justify turning your back on someone if you don’t like them or have respect for them. If you’re the government or Law enforcement make them a criminal or even a wanted criminal. The easiest way to do that is to make up lies about them and/or take negative aspects of their past and blow it way out of proportion. If you hear lies often enough, the lies become the truth. f you’re the not so nice I heard little Jonny used to steal money from his grandmother. He’d visit her every Wednesday then every weekend he’d have a pocket full of money. Where did the money come from if he wasn’t stealing it from his grandmother? I met her and she was such a nice lady. Now little Johnny has a new bike. Where did the money come from to get the bike? I bet he stole the money from his grandmother to get the bike. I used to have a Bobby Orr hockey card, but not anymore. I bet little Johnny stole it.

Would you invite little Johnny into your house an leave him alone for long periods of time? Once you have the person(s) disrespected, unwanted or unloved, then you take away their money. It’s hard to defend yourself, fight for yourself, believe in yourself or hire someone to help you if you don’t have money. Typically, the not so nice people are rich and powerful. It’s hard to fight the rich and powerful when you have nothing, no one is willing to help or you can’t afford to hire someone to help.

The final step is just that, the final step – put an end to the Enemy of the State person(s). For Governments and Law enforcement, it’s jail, prison or something more permanent. For the not so nice people, who knows what it will take before they stop? The minimum is to break their spirit and possibly the will to live.

If you haven’t seen the movie, Enemy of the State, watch it. You won’t be disappointed.