I Guess It’s Time to Face the Truth

Jerry O’Dovero

I finally looked it up. My dad, brother Pete and twin sister Jean’s Lawyer tried for 15 minutes, plus, to get me to say I was calling my father “the shit” in Italian. I called my father “el Duce or the   Leader” earlier in this blog, their  brilliant Lawyer was trying to get me to say  in court, I said or wrote “el deuce.”

The two?  Now that I write it out and look at it, it doesn’t make sense. I guess I’m just not seeing it. Back when I worked for the construction company, before the accident, Associated (the construction company) had 2-way FM radios. My father’s call sign was “ALWAYS” Unit 1. So, calling him “number two” doesn’t register for a fraction of a second in my brain. That would be like calling Elvis Presley, “the queen of rock-n-roll?” it’s obvious, their Lawyer, didn’t do his homework.

Now, I want it known to all, that when I write, “Business Plan Part Deuce” I mean, “Part 2” and not, “Part Shit.” I still have to laugh when I think about my time on the witness stand. Next time I take the witness stand, I’ll be suing the O’Dovero family for $50,000,000, plus “pain and suffering” plus “damages” plus “my 1/9th inheritance” and “Lawyer fees.” When the Law suites come about, I hope my father, brother Pete and twin sister Jean keep the same Lawyer.

Today is June 21, 2021, the summer solstice. If I was a druid some 4,000 to 5,000 years ago, I’d be partying at Stonehenge right now. Do you know what else June 21, 2021 is? Day 1009 that the O’Dovero family with their $140,000,000 empire has left me homeless. The O’Dovero family is never going to be there for me. Oh, some of them will tell you, “We’re giving Jerry an allowance to live on and offered him a room in the basement of mom’s rental house.” “What more should a disabled man that needs a wheelchair want or need?” “We’re not going to waist our precious money on a cry baby that won’t worship us as The Gods We Are!” Jerry can’t even come visit us inside our houses without our help. We built our houses with at least one step. That way, he’s reminded every time he visits that we’re not disabled and he is. We can live in houses with steps. But we’ll drag him up the steps, steps we put there to keep him and others like him from visiting. You know how those disabled people are? They don’t work. If you make it easy for them to visit, they will. We can’t have that! You can’t encourage them! The next thing  you know, they’ll want jobs and doors they can easily open without those automatic door closers set on crush anything or anyone that gets in their way and bathrooms they can get their wheelchairs into. If we don’t stop them, they’ll want the right to vote, transport women over state lines and to be able to sing out loud in church without having to wear the Scarlet “S” on their shirts.

True story. When I was 12 years old, or so, I was told by a cousin that I shouldn’t sing so loud in church. I wasn’t singing that loud. It wasn’t the volume of my voice that he was referring too. Thanks, Cuz. Scared me for life.

Don’t mind me. I’m just in one of those moods where I feeling like telling it like it really is. Not one member of this family built their houses barrier-free. I just want the family to know, it didn’t go unnoticed by me. Every family member that built their houses could have dug the basement 1 foot or 2 feet deeper. They, and no one for that matter should have a step or two blocking the entrance to their houses. As we speak, or as I write this, my loving, caring, thoughtful father is building a new house for my twin sister and her husband. They, my twin sister and her husband already own property on Lake Independence with two houses on it, not one, but two houses on it. Did they dig the basement 1 foot or 2 feet deeper, so their new house wouldn’t have steps?

Do you think this new house will be barrier-free?

Business plan, part two. Crap, it’s already 10:23pm.

Before I get started, I want to point out something that hurts.

Do you think a woman could love me?

Do you think a woman would marry me?

Do you think I’d make a good father?

Do you know my mother has never asked me if I ever loved someone and thought about marriage? Neither has my father or my brother Pete that woke me up at 9pm the night of the accident and took me out.  My twin sister has never asked me if I wanted to marry and have children. I could continue though out the entire family, including spouses, until I reached my youngest brother Paul. One night, sometime during the five years he was living with me for free in California, Paul asked me if I wanted a wife and children. It was around 3am in the morning and we might have had an adult beverage or two. I told Paul yes, but I don’t have the confidence to ask a woman to marry me and have my child when I barely have enough income to pay for the apartment, we were living in. And what if my health becomes an issue and I’m unable to work or worse yet, I die? I’m not going to bring a child into this world that I’m not sure I can support. Paul looked at me and said, “You don’t have to worry. We’d take care of your kid.”

My family has no problem leaving me homeless, including Paul, but they’d look after my wife and children if I had them?

Every day my mother, father and the rest of the O’Dovero family leaves me homeless, their message to me is loud and clear. We have $140,000,000 empire, but we’re going to leave you homeless so you never have the confident to ask someone to share their life with you.

Your life and happiness doesn’t matter to us.

I’m back. Sometimes I just don’t feel like writing. Here’s something that I’d check into if I were running things? Scholarships and Internships. I’d work with Northern Michigan University on scholarships. I’d offer a scholarship to employees of the empire or their families. If an employee wants to attend NMU while working for the empire, I’d try to work with them. It’s not an area I’m familiar with, so I’d want to see how other business handle it. But it’s an area I’d run towards, not from. I’m proud of my bachelor’s degree. Especially since I’m the only son of Peter and Lois that has one. Then  there’s internships? I know nothing about them either, but I can see them being offered by several areas of the empire as well. Why internships? You would have a college graduate already trained in the way the company operates. You’d be aware of their work habits and their business experience before committing to hiring them full time. After all the negative publicity the family is allowing by leaving me homeless, scholarships and internships are a way to try create a positive image. Also, giving back to your employees and working with the local university is the right thing to do.

Oh, this is a thought that popped into my head when I ran across my brother-in-law Mark. Technically, he and my step sister Connie are divorced, so I’m not sure what he is to me, but I still think of him as family. The idea was about the old hospital building and parking ramp. I told Mark, if it’s available, I’d see if it’s possible buy the building with government grants and turn it into a homeless shelter, woman’s shelter, daycare, after school facility for kids and whatever else smart minds can come up with? Maybe set up a foundation to buy the building and run these things? Write up a business plan and submit it to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It’s a hug building with a several story parking ramp attached. The parking ramp could be used for an ice rink, archery range, volley ball, tennis court, bumper cars, r/c cars and God knows what else?

If I had to guess, that hospital building is going to be vacant for a long time. Or not? What do I know? I’m just a homeless long-haired hippy living in a van down by the river. But if I was running a $140,000,000 empire, I’d talk with the mayor and other leaders in the community and throw feelers out there to see if anything gains traction?

I was just thinking. It would be a great project for step sister Connie. What a way to redeem herself by doing something as grand as taking a vacant building and turning it into community center that could benefit hundreds or several hundred members of the Marquette community?

It’s now Saturday night. It’s alright for fighting. Aww, I’d rather be a lover than a fighter. I told you the story of the three roosters? How about the story of the three wise monkeys?

The three wise monkeys are shown as, one covering its eyes (see no evil), one covering its ears (hear no evil) and the third covering its mouth (speak no evil). Do you think that’s what most of the O’Dovero family are doing? Covering their eyes so they see no evil? Covering their ears so they  hear no evil? And, covering their mouths so they speak no evil?

I’ll come back to this thought later.

Two years ago, when I drove into Marquette for the first time in 16 years (homeless), I couldn’t help but noticed all the new (new to me anyway) apartment buildings. The last time I was in Marquette was in 2004. That’s when stepsister Connie made up the tremendous lie that I was depressed because I was a cripple in a wheelchair and I lost all my money in the stock market so I was in Marquette to shoot Peter E. O’Dovero (my father) and then commit suicide. I have a 4-page letter from stepsister Connie saying just that and more. That summer I bought 110 acres of land for $95,000 in cash, but hey! Why ruin a good lie with the truth.

Do you think stepsister Connie is jealous of me?

The O’Dovero family leaving me homeless sucks. I now become angry at the drop of a hat. I hate this feeling.

Back to the business plan.

One last thought. Six months after stepsister Connie made me the enemy of the state (2004), stepsister Connie and the other two trustees of the trust hired Peter to run the trust. I was telling the family for decades that he stole my insurance money. What did they think was going to happen after they gave him legal authority to run the trust? It’s been five years of fighting Peter, brother Pete and twin sister Jean to get the trust, life insurance and the documents, deeds, lease agreements, etc. back from them. Shame on the three of you. And shame on you stepsister Connie AND the rest of the family for making me the Enemy of the State so you could hire Peter and give him control of the trust. Again, what did all of you think was going to happen when you gave the keys to the kingdom (control of the trust) to a father that I’ve been telling you for years that his moral compass is broken?

OK. Mellow! And they call it mellow yellow!

The trust, and the family should have been building apartment buildings 15 years ago. If I was running $140,000,000 empire, I’d build an apartment complex like the one I lived in in California. It had 15 three story apartment building on ½ the city block and a grocery store and a dozen other business on the other ½ half. No one in the O’Dovero family thinks big like that. Most of the family is content with working with their backs and not their brains. And I blame Peter, Lois, brother Pete and stepsister Connie (The 4-Horseman).

So, you think the best thing that could happen for the O’Dovero family is for The 4-Horseman to retire? Since the 85-year-old Peter will never retire, give him the task of building the apartment/grocery store complex.

Another underutilized area the family should be busy making money at is the housing market. I understand Peter does have a housing project on the airport property, but his construction company isn’t building the houses. Why not use the construction company to build houses. Actually, I’d see about partnering up with a local home builder, that has a good reputation and go on a house building marathon. I could use a new house of my dreams to live in.

Now that I think about it, I’m thinking the high-end housing market might also be a great place to make money. I don’t know how much land the family owns off of highway 492, but if there is enough land, I’d see about building a private high-end exclusive housing development. Again, if there is enough land, plot out a sub-division for a dozen houses or so surrounding a nine-hole golf course. It seems to me that the rich like to play golf. Make the place private by putting up a main gate at the entrance to the complex. The road beyond the gate would be private, so the family would maintain it. Now you charge the property owners an annual fee to maintain the road and the golf course. As for the houses, make them $1,500,000+ houses. 5 bedrooms, 6 to 7 baths, plus bowling allies, entertainment centers, theaters and whatever else the ultra-rich would want. Again, it could be a good place to have Peter occupy is talents, so he’s not trying to manage the rest of his empire, which I have to wonder if he’s the right person to be doing it?

I don’t play golf, but I’d live in the first spec house, as long as I owned it.

It’s Sunday now. I was kind of braindead last night. OK. It’s time for a business plan for a broken family. Right now, a family with about 40 members and a net worth of around $140,000,000 is leaving me, a son, brother, stepbrother and uncle, that has been paralyzed from the chest down for the past 40+ years, homeless. To add insult to injury, they stole every penny of my $700,000 of insurance money 40+ years ago and invested it for themselves. Then to continue with their betrayal and discrimination, even though they’ve made around $50,000,000 from that stolen blood money, they’ve disowned me and left me homeless.

Wait! There’s more Ron Popeil. The father, Peter O’Dovero is suing his children because he’s not the businessman he once was and is afraid of going bankrupt? There’s two of Peter’s and Lois’ children that want to win the sue their brothers and stepsister for money lottery. Then there’s the mother, that’s in her 80s, who sued the husband/father for divorce, again for money. Wouldn’t a succession plan and proper wills, like I did 30 years ago, do the same thing? And, it would show he rest of the family that the O’Dovero family doesn’t need to use the court system to accomplish basic family estate planning? Oh yeah, then there’s the father that gave only one son 15% of the construction company (for free), none of the other children, just one son, and then tried suing in court to get the 15% back, plus $4,000,000. Which caused the son to counter sue the father to get the $4,000,000 Law suite dismissed and the 15% of the construction, which he received for free, bought out in cash.

How many cabins and houses did Peter and Lois give to their children? How many automobiles did Peter and Lois give to their children? How many businesses did they give to their children? How much wealth are they giving to them now while they leave me homeless?

And again, even though they’ve made $50,000,000 from the money they stole from me, they discriminate against me. They disowned me, and leave me homeless, while I’m going through a period of poor health and nearly died three times in the past three years while homeless.

If this isn’t a fucked up broken family, then I don’t know wat is?

Ok. It’s easy to be cynical! How do we fix it?

The way I see it, and I’ve been wrong, so don’t quote me on this, but I see a bunch of children waiting for Peter and Lois to die, so they get their wheelbarrow full of money? A stack of 1,000,000 one-dollar bills would rise about 358 feet into the air. So, you multiply that by 140 and you have a stack of $1 bills rising into the sky 53,700 feet. That’s a lot of wheelbarrows full of money. So, if they could put me in a nursing home, they could divide that 10-mile-high pile of $1 bills 8 ways instead of 9. And the family wouldn’t have to make up for the sins of the past either. Shame on you O’Dovero family.

My business plan would ask the 4-horsemen to retire. Recombined the empire under one management team and run it like a corporation. Nearly three years ago, when the family flew me back here to Marquette to save the trust from Peter trying to steal it from them through the courts and then sent me back penniless to die in my van, my mother, brother Jim and the rest of the family told me there was nothing they could do for me because all the family’s $150,000,000 (at the time) was tied up in the courts. Then for the next two years, brother Jim kept telling me there was nothing he could do because he needed 9 signatures (6 brothers, a stepsister, twin sister and mine) for him to financially help me with any of the money from the $150,000,000 empire. So, he did nothing for 2+ years. Jim wouldn’t even hire me? Why? Maybe because I can read and understand contracts, deeds, lease agreements, will, trusts, partnership agreements, and more? Maybe the longer he keeps me homeless, the better the chance he has to make him and his family the richest O’Doveros on the face of the planet? Last summer he set his son Jimmy up in a construction company. Brother Jim runs the trust. He also runs Lois’s empire. Guess who’s construction company brother Jim is going hire to do the work for the $100,000,000 empire he runs.

Brother Jim won’t hire me, but he’ll set his son up with a construction company and hire him to work for him?

Even though it hurts like fucking hell that brother Jim can be so cruel and selfish by leaving me homeless to die, I still believe he should run the family empire.

So, for the first time in the history of the O’Dovero family, the family should have in writing an organizational chart. The top of the chart should sit the chairman of the board. Reporting to him should be a vice-chairman. Then I think there should be 4 board members.

So, when it comes to making decisions for the family empire. None of this fucking God Damn nothing I can do shit that brother Jim, Lois and the rest of the cold hearted O’Dovero family has been telling me for the past three years? 40+ years! It’s just the lies they tell each other so they can justify to themselves why it’s OK to disown me and leave me homeless to die.

I’m sorry. NO! I’M NOT! If I go to hell for feeling and saying this, I wouldn’t be the only O’Dovero going to hell.

If brother Jim wants to run the family, then he needs to quit hiding like a coward, or a thief, if it’s his plan to make himself and his family the richest O’Doveros on the face of the planet while he turns his back on me.

In a real business, the chairman makes the final decisions. That’s why they get paid the big bucks. So, if brother Jim wants to be the chairman, he should make the tough decisions like, the family making up for the sins of the past. A good start would be to give me $1,000,000 to build the house of my dreams and $500,000 to buy a motorhome. And, stop hiding behind family or Lawyers or whoever or whatever he hides behind to leave me homeless.

There was a wise king named Solomon. You might have herd of him. When two woman were fighting over an infant child, king Solomon asked for a sword so he could cut the infant child in half. His said he would give each woman ½ of the infant child. Within seconds, he found out which of the two woman was the real mother of the child. He didn’t hide behind bullshit and act like three dumb monkeys. King Solomon acted like a leader and did the right thing.

In my business plan, brother Jim should get a 5-year term and then retire. I would like to be the vice-chair with a 5-year term and then retire. The 4 board members should have a 2-year term to start with, then need to be reconfirmed every other year.

Now! This is important! The board members could come from anyone in the family 25 years of age or older. That means both spouses and grandchildren would be eligible. None of the bullshit where you give a family member a title just to keep them quiet. Every board member needs to be qualified and willing to put in 40+ hours a week working to build a $500,000,000 empire. That means anyone that wants to be a board member needs to submit a business plan and spend 8 months or so in Marquette. If we can’t find 4 qualified people in the family to sit on the board, then we should look outside the family.

Then each division should have a manager or a president that reports to the board monthly.

It’s 11pm, so I’m going to fast forward a bit.

The hardest thing in any family is for the older generations to pass on the control and wealth onto the younger generations. My plan to fix this broken family into a highly organized well-oiled running machine, where everyone shares the wealth, is simple. Turn the empire into a real estate investment trust, or a REIT and take it public on the NYSE. When we take it public, we sell 45% of the stock with an IPO. That way the family will control the board of directors that will run the new REIT. We may have to partnership with a few other privately own commercial real estate companies in the Marquette area. Maybe? Maybe not? It’s possible that once we have the REIT, we can simply grow the company by buying other commercial real estate in the Marquette area with the stock.

How many other family-owned commercial real estate companies would like a way to easily pass their wealth to their children? Or grow their company?

Do you know what else you can do when you own companies that have stock ownership? You can issue stock whenever you like. In my world, the REIT should have a dividend payout of around 10%. Could you imagine a world when your child or grandchild graduates from college, you reward them with $1,000,000 worth of stock? And with a 10% dividend? You can do the math. And if they don’t go to college, then they have to wait until they’re 25. That means the O’Dovero children can go to college and become Lawyers and doctors and politicians. God, I hope not politicians, but then who am I to judge?

Another thing the stock market is good for? Corrections every 10 years or so. Say you own $25,000,000 of stock at $20.00 a share. The market crashes and the stock drops to $10.00 per share. You could buy $5,000,000 or $10,000,000 worth of stock at the $10.00 price all on margin. A year later and the stock is back at the $20.00 per share, you just made $5,000,000 or $10,000,000.

Another way the 1% in the world are the 1%, are stock options.

I’m tired, so I’m going to call it a night. But I think I made my point on how this family is being run by children. Those that can’t see the future should retire. Those that can lead should lead and the rest should support those that can.

One more thing!

Every member of the O’Dovero family 10 years old and older should take out a sheet of paper and write down where they’d like to be 5 years from now. If you are under 40, make it 5 years on one side of the sheet and 10 years on the other.

Then when you’re done, are the 4-horseman and the current brother Jim going to get you there?

Or, would my plan have a better chance?

Before I go to sleep. I think the family should do the right thing and make up for the sins of the past. I told you a good place to start in an earlier blog. I’d like to add to it. I really would like to start my own consulting business. I would like my office to be the entire top floor of the O’Dovero Professional Building located at 310 W. Washington street. I don’t think I’d be asking too much for mom to do the right thing and to put that building in my name.

It’s a new day and a new thought.

I’ve slept on it for a few days. Brother Jim told me two years ago that he read my blog once and didn’t agree with what I wrote. Because he didn’t agree with what I wrote, he told me to my face that he’d never read my blog again. A real leader wouldn’t act like that.

A real leader does the right thing.

Jim, my next blog is going to be all about you. You are going to be fighting for me, or against me. It’s up to you. What kind of a person do you want the world to know you as?

Jim, my starting number is $50,000,000. That includes Peter’s 1/3. If your starting number is less than 2/3rd of $25,000,000 (Starting number), I’ll see you and every member of the family 18 years of age that doesn’t believe this family owes me $50,000,000 in court.

Jim, you should have hired me. But you just couldn’t do that could you? Is your moral compass all fucked up like mom, dad, Connie and Petsy (brother Pete)? Or is your ego so big  that you can’t allow a lower-class citizen like a brother that’s paralyzed and needs a wheelchair tell you that you are wrong? (discrimination) Or is it just about money and the less I get means the more you and your family gets?

I can’t wait for your answer when you’re asked that question on the witness stand.

I can’t wait to get every member on the witness stand. Or maybe I’ll get lucky and the reporters from the Mining Journal will ask the family all the questions that need to be asked? And get answers!

Jim, I think you could lead this family. But it takes a leader to lead. You’ve left me homeless for 3 years. Right now, you are not a real leader. Be a true leader! A real leader! Or be like mom, dad, Connie and Petsy and turn your back on family because of money.

Oh, one last thought. I’m going to start hanging around the Register of Deeds office. I’m going to  start keeping tabs on which O’Doveros are buying, selling and transferring land while the O’Dovero family with it’s $140,000,000 empire disowns me and leaves me homeless.

One more thing, if you’re a spouse or a grandchild of Peter and Lois, don’t go down with the sinking ship. Let me know that you believe the family should be ashamed of themselves and start fighting for me. You are part of the family as well. Please don’t act like the three dumb monkeys. Pretending like you don’t know what’s going on doesn’t give you an excuse to turn your back on me. I’m fighting for my life. My life matter!

I’m never going to stop fighting for the millions the O’Doveros owes me!

The longer it takes the uglier its going to be.

I’m disowned and homeless. I have nothing to lose! Except my life!

I’d also like to ask those that like to make videos. Could some of you make me videos of Nationwide is not on your side? I’ll send the best ones to Saturday Night Live.

It’s a new day and I woke up pissy mood. My muscle spasms haven’t been friendly the past couple of days. I did see a urologist two days ago. I can’t get an appointment in Marquette for an ultrasound on my bladder util the end of August. That means no operation on my bladder for a long time. I can get one sooner in Escanaba. After the 4th of July weekend I’m going to look into it.

There is more I wanted to put into this blog entry, but when I feel this way, I don’t like to write.

I’m sick and tired of being homeless. It’s turning me into an angry-bitter man. If I would have wrote a paragraph on “Where I’d like to be 5 or 10 years ago,” no where would it say, “I want to be an angry-bitter man.”

I have no doubt in my mind that there isn’t a single member of the O’Dovero family that thinks or believes that this family did anything wrong when they, AND I MEAN THEY, as in every member of the O’Dovero family stole my insurance money. That every member of the O’Dovero family stole, and continue to steal my dreams, that that $700,000 MY INSURANCE MONEY WOULD HAVE MADE COME TRUE.

Do you know what a motorhome cost the O’Dovero family that has $140,000,000 empire?

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

My buddy Jay Are did the math for me.

Are you ready?

Are you sitting down?

OK. It’s hard to believe, but its easy to verify.

All you have to do is to move the decimal point of the $140,000,000 empire three places. If you move the decimal point three places “to the left,” that would leave you with $140,000.

Do you know what the percentage of $140,000 of a $140,000,000 empire is?

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

It’s such of an unbelievable number, if you were me, you might be in a pissy mood as well.

I can’t help but wonder if any of my loving-caring family is having a 4th of July party at their homes this weekend? I haven’t been invited to any. Wait I better check my phone. Nope! No invites. I did see where my sister-in-law Laurie tried calling me. I noticed that last night. I was at a gas station pumping gas into my van and my phone was on the charger in the van. Pumping my own gas isn’t that hard to do. Even with paralyzed hands. I usually park at the pumps at the very end. That way I reduce to risk of someone accidently bumping into my wheelchair lift. Again, pumping the gas isn’t too hard. Swiping my credit card, not so easy. So, I usually wheel up to someone that’s getting gas and politely ask them if they can swipe my card for me.

Laurie is the only member in the entire O’Dovero family that calls me. But we have a rule, we don’t talk about family. She might think the family is wrong, but we don’t talk about it, so who knows. As far as I know, she has never fought for me to get the $50,000,000 this family has made off my broken neck. I say this because I’m still homeless.

So Laurie, if you believe the O’Dovero family owes me millions, and I mean $50,000,000, then its time to start fighting for me. And, I’ve been in a pissy mood. That’s why I haven’t called you back.

Do you know, and why would you? Dumb question. Anyway, for the entire 25+ years I spent living in California, I was never, not once, invited to anyone in the O’Dovero family’s house for either Thanksgiving or Christmas? Why do you think that is? Because I have long hair? Because I’m a college graduate and I might look at them as uneducated baboons? I would never do that. everyone is intelligent in one way or another. Can you believe my loving-caring mother referred to one of her sons as “her stupid son?” I’m not lying. After a few of her “Mrs. O” drinks at a casino, my mother called one of her sons as, her stupid son.

I wonder what she calls me behind my back?

I can’t wait for my thoughtful family to answer the question on the witness stand, “Why didn’t you ever invite Jerry to Marquette for Thanksgiving or Christmas?”

I can’t wait to tell you what I’ve heard my family has told others. “Jerry doesn’t like cold weather, so we don’t invite him.”

O’Dovero family! That’s discrimination! When you make decisions “for me” based on me have a disability, without talking to me like an adult, is discrimination.

I could probably win a discrimination case against the O’Dovero family without a Lawyer.

I can’t keep doing this. I’m not writing this blog to hurt the O’Dovero family or make them look bad. I’m trying to help them. Because they won’t talk to me about these issues, I’m pointing them out here in this blog, so they can learn from them.

You can lead three dumb monkeys to water, but you can’t make them drink, see or hear the truth.

1/10th of 1%. That’s how much of the precious $140,000,000 empire the O’Dovero family could have given me so, I wouldn’t be homeless.

All my mother and father would have had to do is for each of them give me back the $100,000 blood money I gave them 40+ years ago and I wouldn’t been homeless for the past three years.

All my brothers, sisters and their families would have had to do is to talk to Peter and Lois O‘Dovero and ask them to do the right thing. Or,

My loving and caring brothers, sisters and their families could have decided to forgo just one year’s distribution from the trust that I wrote, started and put in motion for them and gave it to me, so I could buy a motorhome to live in.

I guess it’s time to look for a Lawyer.

Happy 4th of July

Oh, I got my second shot. 🙂