You Win!

Jerry O’Dovero

Good evening, Redwing fans.

Last week I attended a business meeting with my brothers and sisters. The hatred for me in the room by some of them was unbelievable.

Truth be told, I don’t like me either. I don’t like who I’ve become. Left feeling abandon by my family for 14 years. Not feeling well for a long time, I stopped working. Then becoming homeless and in the hospital on IV antibiotics over and over again has taken a toll on me.

I’ve become someone I’m ashamed of. I’m angry all the time. I feel alone. I hate this feeling.

I contacted the wonderful lady that started the GoFundMe thing and told her I was ashamed for being irresponsible and taking it out on her because I feel my family turned their backs on me! Because of money? Jealous of me? Or maybe because they see me as disabled?

I don’t know why the family hates me?

I am going to hire a Lawyer, but I’m not going to sue at this time nor am I going to contact the Mining Journal.

I don’t want to be that kind of person.

Since money is so important to the O’Dovero family, their spouses and children that they can invest my insurance money into the family empire without putting my name on anything and now leave me homeless. They watch my health deteriorate to the point where my friends find me living in a van so sick that they call an ambulance and yet, they disown me?

I don’t want to fight a family like that.

Not anymore!

 Mom, dad, Connie, Petsy, Jean, John, Jim, Joe, Paul and your families, you win! YOU WIN!

I do need to say this before I stop writing in this blog for a while, because I feel the O’Dovero family thinks, as I did, that I’m receiving $7,000 a month from the trust. I’m not!

Jim told me I was getting a $7,000 per month distribution from the trust. While he calls it a distribution, I just found out it’s not! It’s actually a return of capital. Jim is just like my father 40 years earlier. My father did the same thing. While he was giving me a taxable payment of $14,000 a year allowance to live on, because it wasn’t enough, he gave me additional monies.

A return of capital.

My $700,000 check from the insurance company, which became my capital investment into the O’Dovero family empire, was reduced dollar for dollar for all the money I received over the $14,000. By the time my dad finally gave me my capital investment into the O’Dovero empire back, it shrank from the $700,000 investment, to just a little over $200,000.

Jim is doing the same thing to me. I wrote the trust so all 9 children had an equal 1/9 ownership. That’s approximately 11.11% ownership for each of us. While Jim is calling the $7,000 a month a distribution, it’s actually a return of capital. At the end of the year, I will no longer have an equal 1/9 (a little over 11%) ownership or stake in the trust. It will drop down into the 10% range, and over time, 9%, then 8% and so on. And like my father before him, Jim, my other brother’s and sister’s ownership in the trust will increase. At the end of the day, the ownership in the trust has to equal 100%. If my ownership decreases, it stands to reason, Jim and the rest of the family’s ownership will increase to 12%, 13%, 14% and so on.

Since I’ve been disowned by my mother and father, the trust I started for my brothers, sisters, their families, and myself is all the money I have to look forward to from the family. I’m not in my father’s will. I’m not in my mother’s will. I was stupid and gave my ownership of Midway Rentals to my brothers and sister for free. I’ve asked for it back, but it’s never going to happen. I was never given any shares of Westwood Lands, so I do not have that to look forward to. My insurance money was never invested in my name. My $1/2 million dollar coin collection was stolen. The only inheritance I have to look forward to is the trust, and Jim is reducing my ownership in that towards zero just as fast as he can. And the O’Dovero family hates me?

Petsy, Connie and Joe hate me like you couldn’t believe. Jim told me that all he’ll ever do for me is what he is required by Law, his fiduciary duties as 1 of 3 trustees of the trust. The trust I wrote and put into motion for them. Jim, nor no one else will fight for me or allow me to share in my father’s estate, my mother’s estate, Midway Rentals or Westwood Lands.

I’m now on blood thinners for blood clots in my leg. I have a history of bleeding ulcers. If they flare up again while I’m on blood thinners, I’m as good as dead.

Even though I’m going to lose out on 10’s of millions of dollars if I don’t fight for it, I don’t want to die fighting for it!

I want my body to heal.

So, O’Dovero family, you win!

You can tell yourselves, your friends, God and the world that you hate me because of this blog.

I didn’t have this blog 40+ years ago when dad invested all my money in the family empire and didn’t put my name on any of it.

I was just a 17-year-old child that was paralyzed from the chest down, but I guess I should have put up a better fight back then.

I didn’t have this blog 35 years ago when I asked my mother and father for money to go to college and they said no.

I didn’t have this blog when Jim, Connie, Petsy, Joe, Jeannie, Jay and Paul came to me in 1994 and crushed my dreams. They didn’t even have enough respect to ask me what they were. They just told me what they were going to give me and if I didn’t like it, I was the evil one.

I didn’t have this blog when they allowed Connie to tell lies about me in 2004, tell dad he didn’t owe me any money or even talk to me.

I didn’t have this blog when they decided to disown me and stop talking to me for 14 years.

The O’Dovero family has been turning their backs on me financially for 40+ years.

This blog is just their latest justification.

If I didn’t talk about the family in this blog, they would have found a different reason to hate me or Connie would have invented one.

For 2 ½ years, all I asked for was a motorhome to live in. I was even willing to work for it.

All I ever wanted was a place to live and to be part of a family.

I guess I was asking for too much!

I’m sorry all you good people had to see me like this. But, I’m afraid of dying. I couldn’t let that happen without you knowing the real story. I needed to tell you the behind-the-scenes truth about the money I invested into the O’Dovero empire when I was a paralyzed 17-year-old child. How the family invested my $700,000 for themselves and never used it to build me 2 houses of my dreams (A summer house in Marquette and a winter house in the South) and invest it so I would have a steady proper income to live on. The truth how the family created a united front against me, so I never had a chance against them. I didn’t want you to think of me or see me as a homeless failure.

Looking back on it, I could have handled it differently, but how?

How do I fight against a family that invests my insurance money into the family empire and has no shame when they don’t put my name on it anywhere?

How do I fight against a family that has a united front against me?

How do I tell the world a shameful story like this without it becoming ugly?

If I didn’t tell you this sad shameful story, I’d be dead right now.

I’m sorry I had to tell you such a sad terrible story.

This ugly sad terrible story is the God’s honest truth.

If any of it was a lie, you can bet your last dollar I would have heard from the O’Dovero family Lawyers a long time ago.

I have 2 doctor’s appointments, an MRI and an operation scheduled on my bladder. Then I’m sure I’ll have one follow up doctor’s appointment. After that, I’m heading South for the winter. This will be my last blog entry about the family for a while. I need these blood clots to go away.  I’ll be on blood thinners for a while, maybe forever? I need to stop the anger and the stress so I don’t cause a bleeding ulcer.

I don’t want to be like the O’Dovero family and fight over $140,000,000 empire in court!

I’m still looking for a Lawyer. Not to sue them, but to protect me from losing any more money than I already have. If you know one, please have them contact me.

One last thing. I’m telling this sad story to you. To you! Someone that actually types the letters on a computer. I’m not telling this story on Facebook or any other social media. I’m not on Facebook or any other social media telling people to log onto this blog and read my story. I’m not going out in public telling people about this sad chapter of my life. I don’t even give out my business cards anymore because they have this blog address on them.

I’m not proud of this chapter of my life. Of what the O’Dovero family turned me into.

The only people I’m writing to or for are you! You that log onto this blog to read it!

I am hoping that, if you feel my story needs to be told, you’ll spread the word. Tell people that I lived a good life. That I’ve traveled to 46 out of 50 US states. That I’ve enjoyed going to hockey games, concerts, 4-wheel-drive races in places like Crandon Wisconsin and Bark River Michigan. That I’ve been to the Indy 500 and the Kentucky Derby and picked the winning horse one year. And yes, I’ve also dealt with all kinds of “unpleasant” issues and challenges. While it’s not always easy nor fun, I’m trying to find a way through it. I’m hoping you’ll tell others about this blog for the good that I’ve done, as well as the not so much fun that I’m currently dealing with.

Please bear with me, I promise to tell happy stories again.

The most challenging aspect of my life is not what makes me different “being paralyzed.” It’s dealing with life’s challenges just like you. Maybe a little different, but not by much. Except maybe lately it’s a little different. I’m dealing with a family that doesn’t accept me or want me as a part of the family. There is no one in the family I can turn to and ask for help. No one wants to be there for me. And now when I need them the most, they leave me homeless. They feel no shame for investing every penny of my insurance money for themselves (in the O’Dovero family empire). Most of the family had jobs and careers because of the investments made with my money. They feel no shame that my insurance money made their lives better while I was left to work all my life to make a life for myself. And then when my paralyzed body started making my challenging life even more challenging, they left me homeless to die. I was homeless for 2 ½ years before Jim decided to give me an allowance to live on. My mother and father? They disowned me. 40+ years ago, I gave each of them $100,000 for the pain and suffering they claimed I caused them. I’m homeless. Why won’t each of them give me that money back, plus interest so I can build a house of my dreams in Marquette and a house of my dreams in a Southern state.

The house of my dreams in a Southern state? I always thought it would be cool to live in a warehouse just off of main street. The warehouse would have an electric garage door, so I could hit a remote button and drive right into my house, or apartment. I’d leave the interior as open as I could. If it was an open 2 story garage or warehouse, I’d build the kitchen, bathrooms, storage rooms, living room area with a bar, pool table and dart board on the ground floor and 2 or 3 bedrooms with their own bathrooms above them. I’d have both stairs and an elevator to access the second floor. With a setup like that, I wouldn’t need anyone living with me, but, if possible, I’d always welcome it. Because it’s just off the main drag, I could wheel to the local shops, restaurants and bars to keep busy and get exercise.

My mother owns a building located on 310 W. Washington street. I’d love to make the top floor my office/apartment. There’re two other business properties in Marquette that I’d love to look at. Both of them have potential to become my Marquette home.

Come Christmas in a few months, Jim is going to give himself, 6 brothers and 2 sisters a check for at least $35,000 from the trust that I wrote and put on the fast track to becoming a $35,000,000 empire. I started that trust for my brothers and sisters because I loved them and I was looking out for them. Come Christmas, it will be over $1,000,000 that my brothers, sisters and their families will receive from the trust in just the past 4 years. The same 4 years that I’ll have been homeless. Again, that’s just the past 4 years. I started the trust for them 30 years ago, and I thought for me? How many millions do you think the trust has distributed to my brothers, sisters and their families over the past 30 years? 

And Jim, Joe and Connie, the trustees of the trust would not hire me as a consultant? Neither would my mother or father. For 4 years, all I wanted was a motorhome. With a job, I could have bought a motorhome to live in? if I was working somewhere in the family business, I would have never said a bad word about the O’Dovero family.

Do you think that’s why they are leaving me homeless? So, I’d get angry and write about them? That way they can justify disowning me?

The O’Dovero family would rather keep the all the millions for themselves, disown me and leave me homeless!

And most of the O’Dovero family hates me?

Some of the people that hate me the most have never read a word of this blog!

And there we go. The ugly anger is showing itself again.

I hate feeling like this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to stop writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so sorry you’re seeing me like this.

I need to leave Marquette. I need to find a place where I can ???

Smile again?

During the past 4 years, I borrowed several thousands of dollars from my friends that I haven’t paid back yet. I hope to by Christmas.

I want everyone in the O’Dovero family to know!

You win!

If beating me down so I feel nothing anymore makes you happy, then you’ve done it!


I’m going to leave Marquette and look for happiness somewhere else!


Since money means that much to the O’Dovero family, especially Jim, that they can disown me, financially, socially and emotionally then it’s time to say goodbye!


You win!!!!